Aztec Airbrush Nozzle Cleaning

Aztec airbrush nozzle cleaning tutorial covers cleaning the nozzle on a Aztek airbrush including taking it apart and putting it back together again. Written by by Allan Hull. If you own an Aztek airbrush you should find this article very help in keeping your airbrush working it perfect working order. … Continue reading

Zombie T Shirt Design

This airbrush lesson covers in depth how to airbrush a zombie t shirt design and was written by Art Solis one of the best t shirt artist I’ve seen. This is actually a 10 page preview I released for issue AirbrushTechnique Magazine so you get to read a great t … Continue reading

Vinyl Cutter In Your Airbrushing Projects

Vinyl cutter in your airbrush projects covers using a vinyl cutter like the Roland Stika to help you create your artwork, graphic’s. My use of the Roland Stika over the last couple years has saved me both time and money in my custom painting business. Turned out to be one of … Continue reading

Using Masking Tape

Using masking tape tutorial will show you an old painters trick dealing with one of the most commonly used masking materials in custom painting, masking tape. I’m not sure anyone can take credit for this its been around forever, I though it well worth posting as it has served me … Continue reading

Types Of Airbrushes

This airbrush video covers the different types of airbrushes and how they are most commonly used. As you look at all the different types of airbrushes available it becomes pretty confusing right from the start. First thing to take into consideration is what it is you want to airbrush, what type of … Continue reading

Trouble Shooting Spray Guns

Trouble Shooting Spray Guns Trouble shooting spray guns tutorial covers the many different types of spray guns that are used for a variety of purposes, many times the problems that they have are similar in many ways. I have compiled this troubleshooter guide from spray gun manufacturers, my experience, qualified Spraygun … Continue reading

Tribal Tank Step by Step

Tribal tank step by step airbrush tutorial takes you step by step thru his painting a tribal design on a Harley tank using House of Kolor paints and Iwata airbrushes. article first was published in issue #4 Airbrush Technique Magazine. By Mick Cassidy. The article is in PDF format so you … Continue reading

Transparent, Opaque Airbrush Colors Practice Painting

Transparent, opaque airbrush colors practice painting covers blending colors, colors to use for shadowing, working on a complex airbrush project progression and shaping the skills we learn in our basic airbrush lessons. Written by Don Johnson, I’m not real big on painting flowers but this is a great way … Continue reading