Advanced Airbrush Lessons

Design Transfer Made Easy

Design Transfer Process Made Easy In this article “Design Transfer Process Made Easy ” we’ll cover the techniques involved in design transfer to painting surfsace, making a stencil from copier paper, painting progression in a two part design. By Don Johnson, For those of you new to airbrushing, kustom painting this step by step will walk you thru one way, fast way to transfer a design onto your painting surface. I say one way as there are many different ways to get your design out line onto a painting surface, this technique I find the easiest, fastest for lot of Read more

Masking A Airbrush Design

Masking A Airbrush Design Masking a airbrush design tutorial covers back masking tribal graphic’s on a Harley tank before painting. Brought to you by Airbrush Technique Magazine published monthly now!! Now, if you need to back mask your design and don’t know how to back mask “in place” you could be in for some real trouble……especially if you masked your tank in this fashion (green tape), or you don’t have usable “cutouts” that you weeded out earlier, easy solution. by Tom Banks LEAVE YOUR ORIGINAL GREEN MASKING IN PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO NOT REMOVE IT UNTIL AFTER YOU HAVE BACKMASKED!!!!!!!!!! I use some Read more

Airbrush Template-Making Something From Nothing

Airbrush Template-Making Something From Nothing Airbrush template-making something from nothing covers basic use of airbrush templates and using objects found around the studio as airbrush templates. Written by Don Johnson.  Airbrush templates are another airbrush artist tool you can make use of with little or no drawing skills required to help create your airbrush art work. This will also show you that items from around your house, shop can be used as templates very easily. Written by Don Johnson, airbrush artist There will be times in your painting career when you need to make do with what you have on hand, Read more

Vinyl Cutter In Your Airbrushing Projects

Vinyl Cutter In Your Airbrushing Projects Vinyl cutter in your airbrush projects covers using a vinyl cutter like the Roland Stika to help you create your artwork, graphic’s. My use of the Roland Stika over the last couple years has saved me both time and money in my custom painting business. Turned out to be one of the best investments I have made in years Don Johnson, airbrush artist “Ideal for small offices, schools and hobbyists, Roland STIKA vinyl cutters produce colorful POP displays, labels, and iron-ons. Creating custom vinyl graphics has never been faster or more affordable. Bundled CutStudio software Read more

Airbrushing Chrome Letters

Airbrushing Chrome Letters Airbrushing chrome letters tutorial will introduce you to airbrushing a chrome look, as the airbrush techniques used on this letter can be used on any object. By Don Johnson Pictured below is the chrome font A we will be trying to render. I have to warn you I don’t believe the original A font was done with an airbrush so just getting as close as you can is the object of this lesson. You can make it easier on yourself by taking the original and using a photo copy machine to blow the image up to a larger Read more

Airbrushing On Black Surfaces

Airbrushing On Black Surfaces Airbrushing on black surfaces tutorial will introduce you to one of the most fun and challenging surface colors to airbrush on, black. Written by Don Johnson, airbrush artist to see more of my work. Sponsored by Airbrush Technique Magazine the best airbrush publication on the planet. In the Transparent, Opaque Colors Practice Painting article we covered airbrushing on a light colored surface and adding a under painting by adding violet to create a shadow, using the painting surface color (white in this case) to act as our highlighted areas and spraying yellow over it all. Here we will be having some fun Read more

Airbrush Masking Devices

Airbrush Masking Devices Airbrush masking devices tutorial will introduce you to the use of masking devices of all kinds to help you create your artwork. Kevin Mayes, put this how to airbrush article together to introduce you to masking techniques. Brought to you by the best airbrush magazine on the planet Airbrush Technique Magazine published monthly in print, digital and iPad formats. Our Airbrush Magazine App for iPad AIRBRUSH MAGAZINE APP.     Once you have gained a certain amount of proficiency in controlling an airbrush, the need to confine the spray to a given area becomes increasingly important. For this Read more

Transparent, Opaque Airbrush Colors Practice Painting

Transparent, Opaque Airbrush Colors Practice Painting Transparent, opaque airbrush colors practice painting covers blending colors, colors to use for shadowing, working on a complex airbrush project progression and shaping the skills we learn in our basic airbrush lessons. Written by Don Johnson, I’m not real big on painting flowers but this is a great way to get you started understanding how powerful using an airbrush can be in painting your artwork. No other artist tool even comes close to producing the results you can get using an airbrush. The fades, transitions, blending, mixing colors as you will see is Read more

Airbrushing A Five Point Star

Airbrushing A Five Point Star Airbrushing a five point star tutorial we’ll cover airbrushing a five point star using home made star stencil and all the airbrush techniques you learn in our basic lessons. Written by Don Johnson airbrush artist sponsored by Airbrush Technique Magazine So you now know how airbrush those stars you’ve seen on t-shirts designs using dagger strokes so we’ll move onto to another technique you can use to airbrush a star. For this one you’ll need to have star pattern, drawing which you can print off on your computer. You can render one in an image program Read more