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Airbrush Artists

Some of the airbrush artists that over the years have contributed to this web site are listed below. There are many others I will add as I receive their profile info from them.

We would love to have your help with to be included here on this page send us a well written step by step article to be published here on along with your picture and bio.


 Airbrush Artist
Patrick Charuel




Patrick Charuel, France


Patick runs a custom painting, pinstripping business in France and has been custom paint about 20 years. He has been published numerous times in AirbrushTechnique Magazine as well as other airbrush publications.








 Airbrush Artist
airbrush artist Don Johnson


Don Johnson owns operates custom painting business in Florida specializing in custom painting helmets. Owner, publisher of this web site as well as Airbrush Technique Magazine, Pushing Pigment art pin board  as well as owning the oldest airbrush forum on the Internet. I’ve been airbrushing about twenty years and try and give back to my passion “airbrushing” as much as possible which is how all my airbrush related web sites came about. You can check my painting out on Airbrush Artist and My facebook page:  and








 Airbrush Artist
Fred Wagner


My name is Fred Wagner and I go by the Internet screen name of Airbrush Dreams. I was born in Rochester NY back in 1961 and became interested in art at the age of 8. I used to reproduce Don Martin cartoons out of Mad Magazine with markers for friends and family, for those of you that are old enough to remember that cartoon and magazine. I picked up my first airbrush at the age of 17 to do some airbrushing on a taxidermy fish that I had mounted myself through a home study course and soon started too experiment with inks on paper. The airbrush was a Paasche H single action fixed tip airbrush, but I managed. After several months I visited a local art store and picked up a Airbrush Digest Magazine and spotted an article about Mark (the shark) Rush who was airbrushing T-Shirts in Florida and that was that, I was hooked from then on my life was gone, I now was controlled by that piece of chrome plated steal with air and paint flowing through it, like blood though your veins. I’m sick!

After several years of practicing and doing t-shirts for friends I decided it was time to give my big shot. In the summer of 1983 I met my wife to be and began to correspond with Mark Rush. I sent some photos of my art work to him and in May of 1984 my wife and I were married and moved to Ft. Walton Beach Fl. for a first hand try at professional airbrushing. I am back in Fairport NY at this point in time and looking at starting my own airbrushing business here in NY soon if my health will allow that. Freds web site




 Airbrush Artist
tom banks

Tom Banks provides airbrush graphics and custom paint on anything that will stay still long enough to paint! Whether it is a custom chopper, crotch-rocket, metric cruiser, car, truck, van or human – Tom “Big Daddy” Banks will take it to another level. Tom is self taught, as well as trained by the world renowned Airbrush artist, Richard Markham…..all to provide airbrush designs that are unique and in high demand. From classic designs to hardcore-in your-face schemes, dreams (or nightmares) will be brought to life. Award winning designs include;

Easyriders Magazine Rodeo Tour 2009 – 1st Place Ride in Bike Show, Artist of the Month – December 2008 in Airbrush Technique Magazine, 1st and 3rd Place at the Niles Expo Center Bike Show 2008, 1st Place May-June 2008 Airbrush Competition in Airbrush Technique Magazine, 1st and 2nd place, metric cruiser at Gatto’s Harley Davidson Block Party 2008.

In addition, Tom is an airbrush demo artist for Ohio Technical College and spends much of time on the road and in high schools demonstrating the art of airbrushing and the career options for students in the field. Over the past 2 years, Tom has demonstrated at over 100 high schools to over 7,000 students. He has also appeared in dozens of Autorama, World of Wheels, and International Motorcycle Shows as a demo artist and charity auction artist.