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Tribal Tank Step by Step

Tribal Tank Step by Step Tribal tank step by step airbrush tutorial takes you step by step thru his painting a tribal design on a Harley tank using House of Kolor paints and Iwata airbrushes. article first was published in issue #4 Airbrush Technique Magazine. By Mick Cassidy. The article is in PDF format so you can down load it and read it at your leisure, click on the link below to down load the article. You can check out more of Mick’s work on his web site: HERE To read, down load the PDF CLICK HERE   Publishing or distributing Read more

Harley Tank Mural Airbrush Tutorial

Harley Mural Painting By Patrick Charuel Patrick runs a custom painting shop in France and I can’t thank him enough for all is help over the years. Here is a great tutorial “Harley Mural Painting” by Patrick on his technique for airbrush a mural onto a Harley tank.n Brought to you by Airbrush Technique Magazine now published monthly. Step 1–The tank has been sanded before applying three coats of spray putty (epoxy premier). After allowing the proper drying time, the tank has been sanded with P1000 wet grit paper.*For base coat I spray two coats of silver. Directly on Read more

Seal Team Half Helmet Step by Step

Seal Team Half Helmet Step by Step Seal Team Half Helmet Step by Step is a helmet design for a Seal Team whose commander was retiring and this was to be his retirement gift. Nothing to fancy here all accomplished with two inch 3M masking tape and a bit of transfer paper. I used House of Kolor base colors reduced about 60% with slow reducer. For airbrushes I used Iwata Micron C and HP-CS, Richpen 213 C. If you’ve read my other helmet articles you already know how I go about prepping the helmet for the painting process so we’ll skip Read more

How To Airbrush Bike Mural

How To Airbrush Bike Mural “How To Airbrush Bike Mural” tutorial Brad walks you thru in detail airbrushing a Fallen Solder mural onto a bike. Brad use’s Auto air and double action airbrushes to paint the mural and the techniques you will learn can be applied to many different surfaces not just bikes. Written by Brad De La Torre this tutorial was published in issue 20 Airbrush Technique Magazine. The step by step is in PDF format so you can download it if you like for personal use. Please do not repost this PDF on the Internet. CLICK HERE to read the Read more

Lion Helmet Airbrush Tutorial

Lion Helmet Airbrush Tutorial Lion Helmet Airbrush Tutorial covers rendering a lion on the back of a motorcycle helmet using techniques borrowed from other forms of airbrushing, illustration mostly. It is also a good study on why you should never give up on a design and see it thru to completion. Written by Don Johnson, Sponsored by Airbrush Technique Magazine the best airbrush magazine on the planet. The lion is not meant to be fine art by any means its helmet art but many of the techniques used in airbrushing illustration, canvas can be used just the same. Mainly Read more

Helmet Step by Step-Half Man

Helmet Step by Step-Half Man Helmet Step by Step-Half Man tutorial walks readers thru painting a Cyborg helmet design with easy to follow directions. I’ve found this design sells like crazy; so much I get tired of doing it. Got to pay the bills though so when asked to do this design for a customer I try and change something in the design every time just to keep it interesting. Although this article covers airbrushing a motorcycle helmet many of the techniques (masking techniques) can be applied to other surfaces. I was asked on the forum how I did the wires Read more

Masking Helmet Trim

Masking Helmet Trim Masking helmet trim is always a pain to accomplish I’ve experimented with dozens of ways of dealing with helmet trim this is the way I’ve found works best. For high dollar helmet designs I more times than not remove the trim replacing it with new trim but for the average helmet paint job this works great. I have to thank Pat (aka airbrushguy) for turning me onto using the fine line tape technique. Using 1/8 inch fine line tape ( I prefer the purple plastic tape for this) run it around the ever top of the rubber Read more

The Elusive Ghost Flames

The Elusive Ghost Flames The elusive ghost flames tutorial will show you how to paint old school ghost flames from flame lay out with fine line tape to painting the ghost flames. I today’s fast and the furious world of custom painting much of the what was hip in the 50’s 60’s and 70’s has been lost or is a dying art form. With many of the new custom painters today, most of them focus on the new types of designs and bright colors. This is great for the younger generation, but many people still desire the old school look Read more

Fixing Run In Clear Coat

Fixing A Run In Clear Coat Fixing a run in clear coat tutorial provides an easy solution to a problem anyone who spray’s clear coat will face more than once, a run or sage in clear coat. Yes it happens to everyone from time to time a sag or run when applying clear coat. Even the best of the best have an off day once in a while, after all what is custom painting if not an exercise in solving problems. And a sag or a run is nothing more than that another little problem to be solved along the way. Read more

Airbrushing Bullet Holes

Airbrushing Bullet Holes Airbrushing bullet holes tutorial I’ll take you thru one way of airbrushing the ever popular bullet hole. If you have study and mastered the basic airbrush lessons here on How To Airbrush you find this very easy. Written by Don Johnson.  What I used in this tutorial: double action airbrush, House of Kolor base colors black, white, orion silver, transfer tape, hobby knife. You certainly can use water based or water born paint for this if you like. I’m actually killing two birds with one stone with this as I actually have to do two bullet holes Read more