Airbrush Bikes,Cars,Helmets

Monster Truck Mural

Monster Truck Mural Monster truck mural tutorial covers  how I airbrushed the murals on the monster truck Bad News Travels Fast for the owners and Mattel Toys. Although I the article was originally published on 2005 the information, techniques used are still very relevant to today’s airbrushing and custom painting. This project was a lot of work but it was a real blast to see the truck out crushing cars at the monster truck shows. This article appeared in issue #4 of Airbrush Technique Magazine in 2005 and is in PDF format for easy reading and downloading if you care to Read more

Motorcycle Gas Tank Trick

Motorcycle Gas Tank Trick Motorcycle gas tank trick tutorial covers a little trick for masking off the gas filler hole on a motorcycle tank when painting the tank. Written by Don Johnson brought to you by Airbrush Technique Magazine. Kustom painting for a living how much better can life get? Being able to work our own hours, playing in paint all day, creating until your hearts content; cool deal. But a last before we get to play, be creative there’s the reality of prep work and the dreaded countless hours of masking, taping areas, objects off so no paint creeps in Read more

Custom Painting Helmet

Custom Painting Helmet Custom painting helmet tutorial covers custom painting a race helmet using Vega 2000 and Iwata HP-C airbrushes, House of Kolor and Sikkens paints. LG takes you thru the steps of laying the graphics out and than airbrushing the colors.   This how to article by L G Mehtola of Sweden appeared in issue #7 of Airbrush Technique Magazine and is in PDF format for easy reading and saving to your computer if you like. Airbrush Technique Magazine would like to thank LG for taking the time to put this very informative article together. CLICK HERE to read Read more

Airbrush Maltese Cross

Airbrush Maltese Cross Welcome to and airbrush maltese cross tutorial, if this is your first visit we hope you come back often as we will add new how to airbrush, kustom painting articles as often as possible. Airbrush Maltese Cross tutorial I’ll be adding a Maltese Cross to a Harley tank which has already been based coated and cleared. Written by Don Johnson, What I used in this project: Double action airbrushes, House of Kolor paint, transfer paper, fine line tape, masking tape, hobby knife. I’m sure there is more ways of kustom painting a Maltese Cross than the way I Read more

Grit Selection

Grit Selection Grit selection tutorial covers choosing the proper sand paper grit when sanding cars, trucks, boats, and many other metal or fiberglass items.   by Gary Kinsey Gary Kinsey has been a salesman for R&E Paint Supply for the last 12 years. He has a very proficient knowledge of the PBE industry and is a well trained customer service representative. R&E Paint Supply 57 Avalon Lane MT Home, Ar. 72653 1-800-316-6595 Abrasive Grit Selection:24 – 80 Grit — is used for stripping paints and undercoats off metal surfaces. These grits can also be used for grinding spot welds, removing heavy surface rust Read more

Scuff And Prep Before Painting

Scuff And Prep Before Painting Scuff and prep before painting tutorial we’ll cover prep required on painted, clear coated metal, fiberglass surfaces before you can add your art work. Written by Don Johnson, brought to you by Airbrush Technique Magazine This is in general geared toward those rending art on motorcycles, helmets, cars, trucks and the like when the surface has already been base coated and cleared. This takes into account any wax or other substances have already been cleaned from the surface and you are ready to scuff the surface for paint adhesion purposes. The key word here is Read more

Trouble Shooting Spray Guns

Trouble Shooting Spray Guns Trouble shooting spray guns tutorial covers the many different types of spray guns that are used for a variety of purposes, many times the problems that they have are similar in many ways. I have compiled this troubleshooter guide from spray gun manufacturers, my experience, qualified Spraygun repairmen, and many other resources. by Gary Kinsey R&E Paint Supply Sales Rep. All Paint guns are not created equal. There are many different types of Spray guns that are used for a variety of purposes. However, many times the problems that they have are similar in many ways. Spray gun Read more

Panel Art On Plexiglass

Panel Art on Plexiglass by airbrush tutorial walks you thru the design and the paint phase of this very cool painting. This appeared in issue #28 Airbrush Technique Magazine and was written by Luc Sabourin. The step by step article is in PDF format for easy downloading and adding to your reference material library. This is a very cool project you are sure to want to hang onto for future reference. CLICK HERE TO READ, DOWNLOAD