Airbrush Equipment

Iwata HP-CS Airbrush Valve Replacement

You can’t get around it no matter what kind of paint you use water based or solvent based sooner or later the air valve is going to start sticking. Press down on the trigger and it does not spring back up you know it might be time to think about replacing the parts that make up the air valve.Written by Don Johnson airbrush artist This problem can be pretty annoying but it really does not render the airbrush unusable as I’ve used mine for weeks with this problem. You simply hook the bottom of the trigger with finger and pull Read more

Airbrush Compressor

Airbrush Compressors Airbrush compressors what a maze of confusion there is when looking for a good reliable air source for airbrushing, kustom painting. The main object of of this tutorial will hopefully offer some clarity to the many options you have to choose from when purchasing a airbrush compressor. To start off lets go over some common terms and definitions relating to airbrush compressors. Air compressor a compressor that takes in air at atmospheric pressure and delivers it at a higher pressure Reciprocating air compressors are those in which each compressing element consists of a piston moving back and forth in a Read more

Review – Clear Masking Material

Review – Clear Masking Material Review clear masking material – I’ve been using Artools Hobby Masking a lot over the last year sense finding it in Hobby Lobby so I decided to give Stretch mask a try once again. I just happened to be working on a half helmet at the time which was ideal to give Stretch mask a try on. So here’s my little review of Stretch Mask: Here’s the sales lecture on Stretchmask: Stretchmask Stretchmask is a multi-medium, stretchable and flexible re positionable masking film. It is especially suited to conform to curved and irregular surfaces such Read more

Using Masking Tape

Using Masking Tape Using masking tape tutorial will show you an old painters trick dealing with one of the most commonly used masking materials in custom painting, masking tape. I’m not sure anyone can take credit for this its been around forever, I though it well worth posting as it has served me well for many years. Don Johnson, Masking tape is probably the most commonly used used masking material in custom painting. It really pays to use the best quality masking tape available which means 3M masking tape. Because much of the time the custom painting we do Read more

Iwata HP-C Airbrush

Iwata HP-C Airbrush Iwata HP-C airbrush tutorial covers putting the Iwata HP-C back together again after taking it apart to clean it, It’s easy taking airbrushes apart to clean them but sometimes a bit difficult to get back together.  I put this article together for those that own Iwata HP-C  or the like  as this holds true with most Iwata gravity feed airbrushes.   Well getting your Iwata HP-C apart was no problem :-), now you have to put it back together so it works correctly. Below I have listed the steps you would take to do that. This also Read more

Paasche VL Airbrush

Paasche VL Airbrush Passche VL airbrush is an overview of the double action Paasche VL airbrush for those folks who run into trouble putting the VL back together after taking it apart to clean it. Airbrushs are easily taken apart but more often than not hard to get back together .Here’s how to get your VL back together. Thanks to Dr Doom for allowing me to use this VL he won in our tech tip contest on the airbrush forum.   So you have taken your VL apart, cleaned it now its time to put it back together. Below is Read more

Buffing Small Objects

Buffing Small Objects Buffing small objects tutorial covers one way I’ve found very effective to buff and polish small objects. It goes without saying you should always turn out nicely buffed and polished commissioned work be it a panel, helmet, bike, car or truck. So with this article I’ll show you one solution I’ve found for buffing small objects., Don Johnson, airbrush artist With the economy being what it is and work even harder to come by it’s even more important you turn out work with a shine that impress’s everyone who views it. When it comes to smaller objects Read more

Airbrush Won’t Spray Paint

Airbrush Won’t Spray Paint Airbrush won’t spray paint tutorial covers the most common problem using water based paint and an easy solution to keep if from happening. I’m at least twelve years removed from doing T Shirts full time, using water based textile colors a lot. While preparing to shoot a video on airbrushing bubble letters to include in our airbrush magazine I soon remembered what a pain using water based textile colors can be sometimes. Below is how I went about making using water based textile colors a lot more enjoyable. If you are using water based textile paint Read more


Airbrushes Airbrush tutorial covers basic airbrush information dealing with airbrushes made by the leading airbrush manufactures Badger, Paasche, Iwata, Grex, Harder Steenbeck and more. This is a very quick overview of the different types of airbrushes just to get you familiar with whats available, Don Johnson, Airbrushes can be either internal or external mix, single action or double (dual) action. SOME AIRBRUSH DEFINITIONS EXTERNAL MIX – Combine air and paint after they exit the tip of the airbrush. Paint volume is controlled by a knob on the airbrush. INTERNAL MIX – Combine air and paint inside the airbrush (tip actually). ACTION – How the Read more

Airbrush Freehand Shields

Airbrush Freehand Shields Airbrush freehand shields tutorial is an introduction to airbrush freehand shields and how to use them in your airbrush projects. Airbrush free hand shields, templates are shapes laser cut into a plastic like material and come in hundreds of shapes and sizes. Becoming proficient in the use of airbrush free hand shields or templates can release you from the drudgery of having to use hard masking materials like transfer tape, masking tape and Frisket film. Combining airbrush free hand templates with hard masking materials like the three mentioned can and does provide for endless possibilities in creating your Read more