Airbrush Equipment

Straining Airbrush Paint

Straining Airbrush Paint Straining airbrush paint tutorial covers straining your paint to reduce the possibility of the paint causing trouble with your airbrush. If you have airbrush paint that has been sitting on the shelf for a while you should find this article very helpful. Written by Don Johnson brought to you by¬†Airbrush Technique Magazine.¬† Here’s an easy way to strain your paint before you use it. I can not take credit for this it’s an old painters trick that has been around for years. Hopefully you will find it handy. For water based paints you can use a section Read more

How A Double Action Airbrush Works

How A Double Action Airbrush Works How a double action airbrush works explains in easy to understand exactly ho easy it is to use a double action airbrush. With a double action airbrush you press gently down on the trigger for air and pul back on the trigger to start painting flowing. You always have the trigger fully depressed and adjust the amount of air flow or PSI via the compressor/regulator not by feathering the trigger. Pictured below Cody is gently pushing down on the trigger of the airbrush. At this point you should only have only air coming out Read more