Painting Bubbling In Airbrush Color Cup Video

Nothing more frustrating than an airbrush that doesn’t function correctly. Most of the problem can be traced back to not properly cleaning your airbrush. Bubbling paint in your color cup or fast blast bottle is one of those problems that can be easily corrected. In this video I will show you the most common cause’s of this problem.

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Bubbles in Color Cup

Bubbles In Color Cup

One reason that you might get bubbles back into your color cup is a cracked nozzle. This is sometimes very hard to see and should be checked with a good magnifying glass. Below is a magnified picture  of a cracked fluid nozzle that caused bubbling back into the color cup. This can be a very hard problem to figure out if you unaware of looking for a cracked nozzle. THe only fix for this is to buy a new fluid nozzle.


cracked nozzle

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What Is Solvent PoP

Clear Coat Solvent Pop


Solvent pop happens when the first coat is still trying to dry while the secound coat is just starting to cure, escaping air basically causing little pops in the clear, give more flash time on the first coat or try using a slower reducer or retarder ( because of high temps)


Anytime you’ve got solvent popping, you’ve put on another coat before the previous one has flashed off. There’s always a few reasons (that vary) for this. The real issue when you are clear coating is how do you correct this? You can sand off the coat till the dots go away, and if you’ve got enough clear under this you can buff it out. You might have to apply a couple more coats to build another new final clearcoat. One thing I know for sure is you don’t want to put more clear over it with any of those minute holes still there, thinking that the new clear will “fill” them in, it will not.

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I don’t know what psi to operate at?

That depends a lot on the type of airbrushing you are doing, type of paint and airbrush. There really is no set rule of thumb unfortunately.


T Shirt paint with a siphon or bottom feed airbrush – 40 to 60 psi

Illustration type paint (Comart, Golden Airbrush colors) with a gravity feed airbrush – 10 to 40 psi

This really will take some experimenting on your part. You want to find the right psi so the paint atomizes good and yet doesn’t create a ton of over spray.
The video below should help explain it further.
Don….Race Helmet Painting

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Should I buy a compressor with or without tank?

Buy the best compressor you can afford, the biggest compressor you can afford as you never know what the future holds. Buy a compressor that is to big for your present needs so you have room to expand. At some point you might want to use a small touch up spray gun having a compress capable of doing that is a great advantage. Compressor’s with out tanks will run more, constantly as you are airbrushing where a compressor with a tank will run less while your airbrushing. A compressor with a tank is what I suggest. For more information on airbrush compressors check out my article AIRBRUSH COMPRESSOR

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Should I buy a double action or single action airbrush?

Most of my experiance the last 20 or so years has been with a double action airbrush, To me a single action is just to limiting it how it sprays paint, much like a spray can. On the other hand there are a lot of artists that render some WOW artwork using a single action airbrushes. Check out HARRYDIDIT web site, Harry use’s nothing but old Binks single action airbrushes. So it comes down to personal preference’s as to single or double action but I believe you’ll find a double action airbrush a lot easier to use. For more information on airbrushes check my article AIRBRUSHES

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Can I use a car/truck tire as a air source?

I’ve seen the attachments they sell to do this, it’s a waste of time and money. You would find it a very frustrating experiance and will not enable you to use an airbrush to it’s full potential.

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Will the compressor I own work for airbrushing?

If you have a shop compressor as long as it has a regulator and filter on it there is no reason it won’t work. It might take a trip to the hardware store to get the correct fittings but other than that you should be all set.

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What kind of compressor or air source should I buy?

I have written a whole page on just this subject if you will click on AIRBRUSH COMPRESSOR it explains the many different air sources used for airbrushing and how to hook your airbrush up to your compressor/air source. I’m sure many of your questions will be answered in that article. In a nut shell just about any compressor that supplies clean, dry air will work. I would avoid diaphragm compressors as I have never seen one that was worth the money.

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Clear Coating Canvas

If you have airbrushed a painting on canvas here best suggestions for clear coating it to protect your art work.

Clear coating canvas you should only use varnish as the canvas is organic material and it needs to breath and flex, if it’s a sheet of canvas you are painting on and clearing it and are you going to frame the art work you need to put it on a  wooden frame first using the  two wedges in each corner which you knock in to keep tense, stretch the “duck”(canvas). A correctly stretched canvas will sound like a drum skin when you tap your finger on it.

So a clear coat might crack when you stretch the canvas a varnish is more flexible. You can by varnish in spray cans or you can by pure varnish (small bottles) and mix glossy and matt 50/50 to get perfect finish.

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Airbrushing On Glass

How Best To Airbrush On Glass


As far as paint being water base is out. The reason is it usually dries flat, and most clears are too pricey.
One Shot will be the best bet. You can put it on and not worry much about how it will hold up. As far as what method you use, I have had the best luck brushing One Shot and then accenting it with an airbrush.
Airbrushing OneShot spray’s very well, It works great. You can get super nice effects airbrushing over hand brushed enamels. The reason is that since it dries slow when brushed the airbrushing really blends nice. You get a gloss type finish. When spraying use breathing protection.
Can One Shot be free handed???? I never had luck with that. Although some guys in the 1970s did it on T Shirts. The thing is, its an oil based-synthetic product. Pretty much lead free as I am told. When you use OneShot at full strength with a little reducer it rocks. If airbrushing you have to thin it too much, and it breaks down the adhesion properties if using it as a first coat on a job. And you will get fading and maybe chalking of the finish.
For best results use all One Shot paints, reducers when painting. Clean up use mineral spirits etc.
As far as any other paints, I would stay away from the other so called Oil Based products as they are
very different formulations these days. One comes to mind as Rustoleaum. It says oil based and its baddddddd
news. It will wreck your brushes and airbrushes.
Hope this helps.

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Airbrush, Airbrush Paint, Airbrush Compressor Problem’s, Solutions

It happens to everyone who uses an airbrush for any length of time a problem comes up with your airbrush, airbrush paint or compressor and you just can’t find a solution. We’ve been working on solutions for years and you can find thousands of posts regarding all sort of airbrush related problems/solutions posted on our AIRBRUSH HELP DESK. If you can’t find a solution in any of the thousands of posts please feel free to register and post your problem and we’ll try and help you find a solution.



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Do I really have to do dots and lines, dagger strokes over and over again”?

Yes….no matter what it is you want to airbrush be it cakes, Harley’s,cars,trucks,finger nails, fine art, etc. the fundamentals of airbrushing are exactly the same. You need to learn how to control your airbrush so paint goes where you want, when you want with the desired effect. It’s thru learning dots, lines, dagger strokes, shading techniques that you will become proficient with an airbrush. You learn by repetition so just resign yourself to practicing the basic lessons published on and before you know it you’ll look back at that practice as fond memories….

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What’s the best paint to use while learning?

You’ll save yourself a lot of frustration if you follow my recommendation on this one please. Golden Airbrush Colors, Doc PH Martins, Com Art are all water base illustration type airbrush ready paints that flow trouble free thru just about any type of airbrush.

The pigments in paint we use most often in airbrushing are ground finer than paints not made for use in an airbrush (like craft paints). After you learn the basic’s and are comfortable using your airbrush you can use any kind of paint you want but during the learning process let’s concentrate on becoming comfortable with using your airbrush.

Using craft type paint while trying to learn how to airbrush is the cause of more problems than anything else, it’s the number one I hear about, get support questions about. PLEASE use one of the paints I suggest above.
For more information about airbrush paint click on AIRBRUSH PAINT

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What’s the best airbrush to learn with?

I recommend a bottom or siphon feed airbrush for leaning like the Iwata Ecplise BCS or Paasche VL for example. My reasoning is they have the ability to hold a fairly large amount of paint which comes in very handy while learning the basic’s. As you progress thru the airbrush lessons here on you might find you’d like a gravity feed airbrush. I believe by the time you are proficient with your airbrush you’ll own several different kinds of airbrushes most airbrush artists do.




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OK I want to learn to airbrush where do I start?

First thing is to determine exactly what it is you want to airbrush; auto art, motorcycles, T Shirts, crafts, models, fine art, finger nails, murals, helmets? With that determined you can set about researching airbrushes and related supplies for your chosen medium. (more…)

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But I can’t draw a lick can I still learn how to airbrush?

Using an art projector, stencils and or templates anyone can learn to airbrush. Don’t kid yourself some of the best airbrush artist, artist make use of these tools there’s no reason you shouldn’t. Start out using these tools and before you know it you will no longer need to use them. (more…)

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Can I learn to airbrush?

I can’t even draw a straight line, I’m not an artist”, I can’t learn how to airbrush”, “I’m just not artistic”, “I never could draw”.
I hear things like this all the time from folks; if I had listened to myself saying these types of things years ago I might not be here today doing what I love to do, AIRBRUSHING . I hope you will stop using these types of excuse’s also, pick up an airbrush and give it a try.

It’s only paint if you make a mistake so what you simply start over or better yet figure out how to turn a mistake into a positive element in the painting. Don’t pressure yourself NO ONE was born knowing how to airbrush, NO ONE it’s a learning experience, relax and enjoy it, have fun. If I can teach myself to airbrush you certainly can. It’s just paint, relax, have fun.

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