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Airbrush Tech Tips

Airbrush Tech Tips From Members At Have your “Airbrush Tech Tip” or technique included on this page receive full credit with your name appearing with your tech tip . Just e-mail your tech tip to me to have it posted . Check back often as we will be adding to this OFTEN !!!!!     **Don , The best and easiest paint strainer that I’ve ever used is a 2 oz. syringe like you find at the veterinary supply. Take the plunger out and cut the needle end off back to where it starts the taper to the needle. Read more

Getting Comfortable

Getting Comfortable   Getting comfortable tutorial explains the importance of holding your airbrush correctly and so that it’s comfortable and relaxing at the same time, this is key to achieving great results with your airbrush. I spent a week teaching in the Custom Paint & Graphics Program at Ohio Technical College a few weeks ago, and I noticed that over half of the students were having difficulty achieving consistent, fine lines. The one thing that they had in common was the way in which they were holding their airbrushes. By Tom Banks “Trigger Grip” is something that varies from artist Read more

Airbrush Equipment Before You Buy

Airbrush Equipment Before You Buy Airbrush equipment before you buy provides those new to airbrushing some insight into which airbrush equipment, supplies you might consider buying. One of the reason’s I started this web site over ten years ago is to try and help those new to airbrushing make their first experiences airbrushing a fun and positive experience. Far too often people interested  learning how to airbrush buy equipment that does more to hamper their efforts to learn how to airbrush than help. They buy the wrong equipment; try airbrushing with it and have a horrible experience, that equipment gets Read more

Airbrush Detail Trick

Airbrush Detail Trick Airbrush detail trick tutorial covers an old trick making it easier to airbrush fine detail, there are no short cuts the basics of airbrushing are still required to airbrush fine detail. There is no short cut your ability to airbrush fine lines; detail will come only thru PRACTICE, PRACTICE the basics of airbrushing. The ability to airbrush fine detail calls for working very close to your painting surface at the correct PSI for your situation. Below is not for the faith of heart, mess up and you could bend the tip of your needle or worse. Below Read more

Airbrush Paint

Airbrush Paint Airbrush paint is a brief run down on the different types of paints most commonly used in an airbrush most  can be purchased in most art stores, craft shops. A few of the paints listed must be purchase at specialty shops like automotive paint suppliers. As you begin to learn “How To” airbrush its best to use a paint made specifically for airbrushing. A few good ones are DR PH Martins, Golden Airbrush Colors, ETAC Private Stock, Createx Illustration Colors. The pigments in these colors are ground finer than those in craft paints allowing for easy use in Read more

Airbrush Paint And Air Pressure

Airbrush Paint And Air Pressure Airbrush paint and air pressure covers matching the consistency of your paint with the air pressure required to atomize the paint best varies with the type of airbrush you are using and type of paint you’re spraying. *Before airbrushing any type of paint please think safety and keep yourself healthy by wearing a respirator with the appropriate filters for the particular paint you are spraying. Keep your family, co-workers protected from any paint fumes, vapors. Spray safely by always working in a well ventilated area. When airbrushing it is important to match the consistency of Read more

Airbrush Reference Library

AIRBRUSH REFERENCE LIBRARY Airbrush reference library tutorial covers one way to help you get organized in respect to your airbrushing, being well organized will help you enjoy your time airbrushing and will help ensure better results. No matter how long you’ve been airbrushing or custom painting it remains a learning process, experience; there’s always some new technique to learn, try. Which is great as it keeps airbrushing, custom painting exciting, keeps you reaching to progress in your skills and knowledge to produce an even better piece with your next project. To get the most out of the digiat format of our magazine this Read more

Airbrush Terms and Definitions

Airbrush Terms And Definitions Airbrush terms and definitions covers commonly used words, terms relating to airbrushing and their definitions. I have been adding to this list from the day this web site went up; it’s an on going and continuing project that I add to as word comes to mind and as time allows. Please feel free to print this list off but please do not post it on the internet else where. Book mark this web site and come back often as I add something new almost daily. I would like to thank all the subscribers to Airbrush Technique Read more

Airbrush Tip Dry

Airbrush Tip Dry Airbrush tip dry ok so you are airbrushing along and all of a sudden the paint flow stops, or less paint starts to flow now what? Don’t get excited, bent out of shape this is just one of those little things that occasionally happens while airbrushing. No matter what kind of paint you use paint will occasionally build up on the needle tip, commonly called “tip dry” and you’ll need to clean it off. This seems to take place a bit more often when using white but will happen with any color weather you are using water base or solvent Read more

Air Sources for Airbrushing

Air Sources for Airbrushing Air source’s for airbrushing tutorial covers overview of the different types of airbrush source’s you can use in airbrushing.  Paint is propelled through and out the airbrush tip in a controlled manner by compressed air, your air source. The higher the viscosity of the paint (the thicker in simple terms) the higher PSI will be required to get the job done. An illustration type airbrush paint like Doc PH Martins or Golden Airbrush Colors, Createx Illustration paint all of which we would call low viscosity paints would require 10 to 30 PSI with a 0.18 to Read more