Airbrush Intro

Airbrush Changing Colors

Airbrush Changing Colors Airbrush changing colors will cover changing colors in your gravity feed or bottom feed airbrush covering both water based paint and solvent based paint. To those experienced with airbrushing technique this might be old hat but for those new it can be a perplexing situation when it comes to changing colors in your airbrush. This just becomes second nature after you have been airbrushing for awhile, no airbrushing tricks here just solid info for those new to airbrushing.     First we’ll start off with where do you spray the color you are not going to use Read more

Airbrush Basics

Airbrush Basics Airbrush basics for those new to airbrushing here is some essential information to help you get started in the right direction making your experiance a lot less frustrating. by Kevin Mayes For some time now, airbrush artists have had to gather their knowledge from any source available. Fortunately, there have been a number of very good books published in recent years. One that I highly recommend is by Radu Vero, titled “Airbrush: The Complete Studio Guide”. This is an excellent book for all levels of study. It is my hope that this newsletter will also be, or at least become, Read more

Beginners Airbrush Journey

Beginners Airbrush Journey Beginners airbrush journey airbrush artist with twenty years in the business provides some insight into the world of airbrushing for those new to airbrushing. “Witchcraft , Voodoo , and other Myths About Beginning an Airbrush Artist’s Journey” by Gary Fredericks One of the most intimidating and daunting tasks for an airbrush artist is “getting started”. Some people happen upon the right place and time, surrounded by a great support group of teachers and mentors resulting in an easier ( not always better ) path to follow. Often times, others such as myself weren’t so fortunate in the beginning. Read more

Reducing Airbrush Paint

Reducing Airbrush Paint Reducing airbrush paint in many case’s takes a bit of experimenting to find exactly at what consistency the paint atomized best in the airbrush you are using. Reducing or thinning paint for use in your airbrush The general rule of thumb with most Acrylic Colors is reducing it with distilled water until it flows like milk. Please understand here that it depends on how much air pressure you are running and the type of airbrush you are using. A lot of things come into play when finding just the right consistency  of the airbrush paint you are using to Read more

Airbrush Equipement and Supplies

Airbrush Equipement And Supplies Airbrush equipement and supplies covers airbrush equipment and supplies for those new to airbrushing; an over view of airbrushes and compressors. My whole goal with this web site is to help you step in to the world of airbrushing and have a positive and fun experience. Please at least give airbrushing a fair chance by buying the best equipment you can afford. Check out my new Airbrush Magazine it’s packed full of useful airbrushing tips , tricks and technique How To Articles.   Airbrush Compressor’s / Air Sources My personal feelings on this is to purchase Read more

Beginners Airbrush Basic Info

Beginners Airbrush Basic Info Beginners airbrush basic info answers some of the more basic questions that a newcomer to airbrushing may have. My name is JoAnne Kenne, also known as “heartless”. I live/work in Central Wisconsin, USA. I started my airbrush journey in 2005, but don’t get to play/spray as much as I would like to. Anyway, I hope to help with some of the more basic questions that a newcomer to airbrushing may have. First off, I want to say that the “Airbrush Products Reviews“ section of can be very helpful in trying to decide what to get. There Read more

But I Can’t Draw

  But I Can’t draw “But I can’t draw” is no excuse to keep you from airbrushing, custom painting. Just as using an airbrush is a skill you learn by practicing and repetition so it is with drawing. There are many artist tools that will make your life easier when first starting out in airbrushing but as you gain experience the use of some of those tools will not be as necessary as when you first picked up an airbrush. The use of a lot of templates and masking are just two examples of artist tools or aids you might Read more

Controlling Airbrush Paint Over Spray

Controlling Airbrush Paint Over Spray Controlling airbrush paint overspray for those brand new to airbrushing here is a little trick to help you control over spray. Over spray much like tip dry is just something you need to accept when airbrushing and learn to control. Instead of masking off the whole area you can build yourself a little wall around the area you will be airbrushing with masking tape as pictured below.     Very basic stuff here but if you are new to all this you might find this way of controlling over spray helpful. In the top picture you can see the masking Read more

What You Will Need To Get Started Airbrushing

What You Will Need To Get Started Airbrushing What you will need to get started airbrushing I put together for those of you brand new to airbrushing and for those of you who have been out of airbrushing for awhile. It’s common for me to hear from folks who at one time tried their hand at airbrushing and become so frustrated during the learning process they gave up and put the airbrush away until just recently when they decided to give airbrushing a try once again. Our network of web sites, forums and Airbrush Technique Magazine where created to help Read more

Learning How To Airbrush

Learning How To Airbrush Learning how to airbrush will show just how important the simple dot is, airbrushing is all about the dot in fact. No doubt you found your way here to this article because you are interested in learning how to airbrush, kustom paint. I hear most often from folks who are brand to airbrushing or those who at some point bought airbrush equipment found it to frustrating trying to learn and the equipment was stuff into the closet. Either way I’m here to provide you with a bit of guidance to finding your way thru what can Read more