Airbrush Intro

So You Think You Want To Use An Airbrush

So You Think You Want To Use An Airbrush So you think you want to use an airbrush thats great we are here to help you every step of the way with lessons, tutorials from basic to advanced all presented in easy to follow instruction. Airbrushing can be a most rewarding and pleasurable art form. It can also be the most aggravating, irritating thing you will ever attempt. The desire to work with the airbrush is only the first step. The airbrush is a tool, as with any other tool, learning its limits should be a part of your basic Read more

Learning To Airbrush

Learning To Airbrush Learning to airbrush today is much easier than when I first started almost twenty years ago, back than the Internet and all it’s resources was just in it’s infancy. It’s been almost ten years sense I first built this web site,, the intent was to provide the kind of support, information I never had when I was learning to airbrush to anyone, everyone interested in learning to airbrush. I hope that thru the lessons on this web site we can retain some of the folks in this art form that would other wise become frustrated trying Read more

Holding Your Airbrush

Holding Your Airbrush Holding your airbrush seems like a pretty simple subject but we want to leave no base uncovered when introducing you to airbrushing so here is the most common way to hold your airbrush. Most important is to stay relaxed when holding your airbrush, a death grip is not needed. Many find it more comfortable to fold the airbrush hose over their fore arm, play around with this see what feels best for you.

Distance Determines Results

Distance Determines Results Distance determines results looks at how the distance you are away from the surface you are spraying paint onto comes into play. If you have ever played with spray can’s of paint you know that the further you are from the surface the larger an area you cover with the paint and the paint pattern is very fuzzy or defused. Move closer with the spray can to the surface and you will notice the paint covers a smaller area and becomes more defined. The same holds true with an airbrush.