Airbrush Practice Made Fun

Practicing Your Airbrush Basic Skills Made Fun

Here’s a good way of breaking up the boring dots, lines, fading, dagger stroke practice. Go out a buy a child’s coloring book and have some fun. Most of these books are made of the same paper, news print as we have been practicing on in lessons1, 2 and 3. I did the following example free hand but I guess you could use Frisk Film if you felt the need to. I’m not suggesting you approach your paintings like they are a coloring book page this is just a fun way to practice and improve your airbrushing skills and play around with different color combination.

What I used for the following example: Double action bottom feed airbrush with 5mm tip /needle, Createx paint, compressor at 30 psi. Sorry the pictures are not better but this is a tutorial I wrote yeas ago that still is practical today.




Above: The page you see I ripped out of the coloring book. I don’t expect you to be able to find the same coloring book or page for this lesson. This example is just to show the possibilities when airbrushing pages from a coloring book. I used no Frisk film just free handed this painting and you should be able to do so also. Don’t worry about over spray right now at least your first few attempts at this. To help control over spray keep your airbrush pointed into your painting.




Above: I start out with blue in the balloon letting the page color act as highlighted areas in the balloon. I added more blue to areas I thought would be in shadow. Next I added black to the bunny actually applying the black so sparingly it was actually gray (in this photo the color’s look much darker than they really where). Again as with the balloon I let the page color serve as high lighted areas by not applying so much black to those areas. . I decided to start out with black and than add white to the bunny later. Doing it this way by applying the white sparingly I will end up with a very soft look to the bunny and render my shadow areas easily. I also use the black to render the shadow under the bunny.




Above: I add red to the hat on the balloon and bunny again I let the page color act as high lighted areas by not applying so much red to these areas. I also add yellow to the hat band on the balloon.




Above: I add white to the bunny doing so slowly building my color up slowly and rendering shadow areas as I go. On the bunny body and face I applied the white with small circular motion’s hoping to get the soft look of fur. Not only sharpening your airbrush control skills but experimenting with color combination and applying color is what this practice painting is about. I decided I wanted more of a highlighted area in the bunny hat so I added some white to those areas.




Above:With the red I finish the two hats off.




Above: I added a little pink to bunnies nose than took the black and out lined the entire bunny again to give it a more hand drawn look. And there you have a nice way to practice on a whole bunch of different subject matter depending on the coloring book you buy. So get a couple of children’s coloring books and have some fun.

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    What a great a simple idea to escape the line and dot drudgery for next to nothing in cost. If this is an example of the quality of the rest of the lessons I’m confident I found the right resource.

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