Airbrush Trigger Installation

 Airbrush Tigger Installation

Airbrush trigger installation tutorial covers installing the airbrush trigger on the most common type of airbrushes, double action. After taking your airbrush apart for cleaning getting this type of airbrush trigger can be a little tricky to get back in in this article we’ll show you how it’s done. Don Johnson, ¬†Sponsored by¬†Airbrush Technique Magazine.

As picture below shows when installing the trigger back into your airbrush (Iwata) hold the trigger (main lever) so that the two posts at the bottom of the trigger (main lever) face the front and back of the airbrush. Insert the trigger (main lever) down into the long opening in the top of your airbrush. Now turn the trigger (main lever) 90 degrees so the posts at the bottom of the trigger (main lever) are now facing the sides of the airbrush. Lower the trigger inserting the posts into the slot inside your airbrush. With this done now tilt the front of the airbrush slightly down ward install the auxiliary lever so that the arch in that lever faces the back of the airbrush see picture #2. To insert the auxiliary lever you must also turn this side ways to get it down into the airbrush than turn it 90 degree’s so it ends up as pictured in #2.


airbrush trigger installation
installing airbrush trigger 1


airbrush trigger
installing airbrush trigger 2

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