Airbrush Videos

Cutting Stencils Airbrush Video

Cutting Stencils Airbrush Video I keep these Airbrush Beginners Tip videos short and try to get the important info to you without taking up a lot of your time. In this airbrush video I’ll show you how foam core board works as a great backing for cutting stencils. Foam core board is inexpensive and works great for cutting stencils on saving your hobby knife blades and work surface. Hope you find this helpful.

Before You Paint Over Primer Video

Guide Coat Before Base Coat Whenever you prime the surface to be painted be it a helmet, car hood, Harley it’s always best to go the extra step and guide coat it when sanding. Applying a guide coat will show you are the high and low spots in your surface so you can sand them out leaving you  a completely smooth, even surface. Generally this is not required with helmets but this helmet in the video the owner tried to paint it herself with spray bomb paint so it required a lot of work to get it ready to paint Read more

Simple Way To Strain Your Paint

You can reduce potential hassles while airbrushing by straining your paint before you put it in your airbrush. Here is a simply way to fix all your bottles of paint so it gets strained every time you use it. Hope you find this helpful.      

Making Airbrush Cleaning Station Video

Making Airbrush Cleaning Station Video     What do you do with the paint left in your color cup, fast blast bottle that you’re not going to use in your painting or the cleaning solution when cleaning your airbrush? Here is an easy solution you can make out of containers you would generally just throw away. Hope you find this helpful.

Airbrushing Pattern Back Ground

Airbrush A Pattern Background Video THis airbrush video covers airbrushing a patterned back ground in your airbrush projects. This is an old painters trick dating back to the time when painting murals on vans was very popular. Visit your local fabric store to see what great fabric’s you can use in your own airbrush projects.            

Airbrush Video Cleaning Tip

I can not take credit for this a friend of mine in Sweden came up with this but it works great, thank you Kimmo. This is a great way way to clean the front of your airbrush, the passage between the tip and color cup of a gravity feed airbrush. You use a tie wrap and use it as shown on the video. I hope you find this helpful. It’s just paint, relax have fun. Don

Airbrush Practice Painting Video – Ship

Enough dots, lines, dagger strokes time to put it all together and have a little fun. It this practice painting we will use all we learned in the basic lessons to free hand a ship sitting out in the bay. There is a written version of this on the web to airbrush. I’m sure you can do a better job on this than I did so have fun with it.

Airbrush Masking Material Video

In this airbrush video I’ll show you a great masking material Pellon. In this short airbrush beginners tip video I’ll cover Pellon masking material which I briefly showed you in the airbrushing a brick wall video. This material can be purchased at most fabric stores under the name Pellon Brand Fusible Interlacing. I hope you find this helpful.    

Airbrushing Brick Wall Video

Airbrushing a brick wall airbrush video.In this video I’ll show you one way to airbrush a brick wall. Although I did this on a helmet this technique can be used on any surface. I hope you enjoy this video.

Airbrush Sprays Paint When It Shouldn’t Video

In this short airbrush video I’ll go thru the reason’s when you push down on the trigger of your airbrush it sprays paint without pulling back on the trigger. By just depressing the trigger you should have no flow of paint but once in a while it does happen, this video covers what cause’s it and how to fix it. This happens to everyone who use’s an airbrush once in a while so you are not alone. This is a great reason why you test your airbrush every time BEFORE you aim it at your project to start airbrushing. Hope Read more