How To Airbrush #1

How To Airbrush #1

Airbrush Technique how to airbrush basic’s part #1 covers basic airbrushing lessons you will need to learn, practice before you can airbrush that award winning harley, helmet, illustration or auto art. Set aside an hour a day to practice these basic lessons and you will be airbrushing like a pro in no time. Dots, lines and shading are covered in this short airbrush video.


how to airbrush #1
how to airbrush #1


You can find a this lesson in written format here ON THIS PAGEĀ 
air source
double action airbrush
news print
black golden airbrush color

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  1. Reply Deryk Engel

    In one of your tutorial videos you mentions a “York Top” to put on the end of the cleaning fluid. I’m not sure what a York Top is, can you provide further details or a picture. Your tutorial was great and I just want to get the right thing for the fluid.

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