Airbrush Basics

Airbrush basics for those new to airbrushing here is some essential information to help you get started in the right direction making your experiance a lot less frustrating. by Kevin Mayes For some time now, airbrush artists have had to gather their knowledge from any source available. Fortunately, there have been a … Continue reading

Airbrush Basic Lesson #1

This airbrush video covers Airbrush Basic Lesson #1 which includes reviewing types of paint you should use to learn. Using the correct paint during the learning to airbrush process will make your experiance a lot less frustrating and allow you to progress thru the lessons faster. We’ll also cover how a double … Continue reading

Airbrush Baseball Helmet Rips And Tears Design

Airbrush baseball helmet rips, tears design tutorial covers painting a baseball helmet with a baseball ripping thru the helmet and the airbrush techniques used in the painting the design. Pat is the head of the custom painting program at Ohio Tech . When you want to turn your hobby into a career … Continue reading

Airbrush A Star

  Airbrush a star tutorial we’ll be airbrushing a simple star and practicing airbrush dagger or rat tail strokes.These are the ame stars you see in a lot of airbrush t shirt designs. How simple can you get you ask? Well before you can create that great masterpiece, paint the … Continue reading

Air Sources for Airbrushing

Air source’s for airbrushing tutorial covers overview of the different types of airbrush source’s you can use in airbrushing.  Paint is propelled through and out the airbrush tip in a controlled manner by compressed air, your air source. The higher the viscosity of the paint (the thicker in simple terms) … Continue reading

Learning How To Airbrush

Learning how to airbrush will show just how important the simple dot is, airbrushing is all about the dot in fact. No doubt you found your way here to this article because you are interested in learning how to airbrush, kustom paint. I hear most often from folks who are … Continue reading