The Elusive Ghost Flames

The elusive ghost flames tutorial will show you how to paint old school ghost flames from flame lay out with fine line tape to painting the ghost flames. I today’s fast and the furious world of custom painting much of the what was hip in the 50’s 60’s and 70’s … Continue reading

T Shirt Holiday Design

T Shirt Design Airbrush Lesson by  Rene Remero Rene is one of the most talented t shirt artist I know of and I thank him for letting me publish this on Supplies used- Createx airbrush colors, Paasche VL double action airbrush, t shirt board, spray glitter t shirt design … Continue reading

Straining Airbrush Paint

Straining airbrush paint tutorial covers straining your paint to reduce the possibility of the paint causing trouble with your airbrush. If you have airbrush paint that has been sitting on the shelf for a while you should find this article very helpful. Written by Don Johnson brought to you by Airbrush … Continue reading

Skull And Barb Wire Helmet Design

Here’s a quick and easy shorty helmet design for you using one of Artools skull templates, House of Kolor base white and black, Ghost Chrome for the barb wire, Iwata HP-CS airbrush used with a Terry Hill compressor pumping the air. To complete the design House of Kolor KK Kandy … Continue reading

Simple Way To Strain Your Paint

You can reduce potential hassles while airbrushing by straining your paint before you put it in your airbrush. Here is a simply way to fix all your bottles of paint so it gets strained every time you use it. Hope you find this helpful.       Continue reading

Sheet Metal RC Design

Sheet Metal Design RC by Chris Duzenberry     Chris is an art major who up until 2 years ago was allowing his talent to play second fiddle to his career as a Communications Engineer . Taking TeamDuze online changed the focus to the customizing and detailing of R/C vehicles, … Continue reading

Seal Team Half Helmet Step by Step

Seal Team Half Helmet Step by Step is a helmet design for a Seal Team whose commander was retiring and this was to be his retirement gift. Nothing to fancy here all accomplished with two inch 3M masking tape and a bit of transfer paper. I used House of Kolor base … Continue reading

Scuff And Prep Before Painting

Scuff And Prep Before Painting Scuff and prep before painting tutorial we’ll cover prep required on painted, clear coated metal, fiberglass surfaces before you can add your art work. Written by Don Johnson, brought to you by Airbrush Technique Magazine This is in general geared toward those rending art on … Continue reading

Ripped Metal Airbrush Step By Step

Rick Primeau provided us with this great airbrush step by step for issue 42 Airbrush Technique Magazine. Rick has been custom painting, airbrushing for over 20 years and it’s thru his 20 plus yeas experiance he wrote is great airbrush step by step. This airbrush step by step will walk … Continue reading