Review – Clear Masking Material

Review clear masking material – I’ve been using Artools Hobby Masking a lot over the last year sense finding it in Hobby Lobby so I decided to give Stretch mask a try once again. I just happened to be working on a half helmet at the time which was ideal … Continue reading

Review Clear Masking Material

Review clear masking materials is a little over view, product review of RBL clearing masking film and Artools Ultra clear masking film. Both can be used with solvent or water born,water based paints, Both have their advantages and are good products.   RBL– Clear, transparent, self-adhering film – easy to … Continue reading

Reducing Airbrush Paint

Reducing airbrush paint in many case’s takes a bit of experimenting to find exactly at what consistency the paint atomized best in the airbrush you are using. Reducing or thinning paint for use in your airbrush The general rule of thumb with most Acrylic Colors is reducing it with distilled water … Continue reading

Recommend Airbrush Books

Share it now! Below are some airbrush books I have read and recommend. The list is from Amazon so if you purchase from them using the link I get a small percentage which I use to help keep this site on the web. Just wanted to be up front about … Continue reading

Pin Striping Continued

Well I’m still on track with the pinstriping I’ve been practicing at least a half hour everyday. I shot a liitle video to show you Kafka’s DVD and system which is how I’m teaching myself thru his knowledge. Pretty uneventful week couple helmets and working on issue 44 of ABT … Continue reading

Panel Art On Plexiglass

Panel Art on Plexiglass by airbrush tutorial walks you thru the design and the paint phase of this very cool painting. This appeared in issue #28 Airbrush Technique Magazine and was written by Luc Sabourin. The step by step article is in PDF format for easy downloading and adding to your … Continue reading

Painting Pin Up Tank

  Pin Up on Motorcycle Tank PIn up on motorcycle tank How-To airbrush tutorial hopefully explains the method I used to paint a Yamaha fuel tank with a bomber theme. We decided to call it “Triple Trouble” because the bike has 3 cylinders and 3 bullet holes in the design. By … Continue reading

Painting My First Bike

By Gary Fredericks As the title says this is the first motorcycle I have painted. This is just the beginning as I will add some airbrush work later this year as well as fades and highlights into the existing flames, and an outline pinstripe. After a few months of consulting … Continue reading

Painting Motorcycle Tribal, Tiger Design

Tribal Tiger Tank by Ashley Brayson I picked up my first airbrush in 1998 after a lot of research. Initially I just wanted to paint mirror frames using simple stencil techniques and fades. It wasn’t long before I realised the potential of this tool and I started to read … Continue reading

Paint Bubbling In Airbrush Color Cup Video

  This is the first in – Airbrush Beginner Tip Videos. This short video covers reasons why paint might bubble back into your color cup or fast blast bottle for that matter. I used a Badger 105 Patriot double action airbrush in this video as it’s what I had … Continue reading