Ship Practice Painting For Airbrush Beginners

This airbrush step by step goes with the video covering the same airbrush practice painting, you now have a written version to go along with the video version. It’s great to be able to watch a video of someone airbrushing but I think it will really help to have still pictures and written text to refer to also. If you have mastered the basic lessons presented on this web site this little practice painting should be fairly easy for you.

What you’ll need for this practice painting: Double action airbrush, easel, news print, black, yellow, blue and red.


practice painting


practice painting


practice painting

Step 1 — To start off we will use black and make a dragger stroke coming from left side to the middle than from the right side to the middle, both sloping downward just a little. These two lines will act as our sand dun’s or beach. Using small dagger strokes we will not add some weeds, grass to our beach, keep the dagger strokes as small as possible. To our weeds we’ll add some sea oats, squiggly top, stem and leaf coming off the stem.



practice painting step2


Step 2 —- Now we will switch to blue and add our horizon line and some lines to represent waves in the water. Add an ache in our sky line and retire the blue for now.



practice painting step3


Step 3 —  Now with black we’ll park our ship out in the bay, three small dagger strokes on the ship to act as masts.



practice painting step4


practice painting step4a


Step 4 — Now to the masts we will add some small lines to act as the ship sails rolled up. With more small lines add some rigging lines to the masts, ship.



practice painting step5


Step 5 —- Now we switch to yellow and using our cap from a spray can (just as we have done it other practice painting) we’ll make a sun in the sky and fill in the rest of the sky with the yellow letting it bleed into our blue ache.


practice painting step6


Step 6 —  Now we’ll switch to red and add some streaks in our sky and it’s looking pretty good…







Using dragger strokes again add some small birds to the sky around the ship and it’s done. I fully expect you can do a better job with this than I did. Have fun with it, put your own spin on it, changes colors around, add more weeds the possibilities are endless. Below is the video version of this practice painting I hope you find it helpful.


2 Responses to “Ship Practice Painting For Airbrush Beginners”

  1. Reply Les Wilson

    I have been a keen artist for most of my life and have managed to excel in most media. The one thing that I have always wanted to try however, has been Airbrushing. I never thought for one minute that I would be up to it.
    Thanks to Dan and his simple to follow techniques I feel that the time is right and I am about to take the plunge.
    Is there anything I should look for when buying all the equipment for the first time?

    Thanks in anticipation,
    Les Wilson.

    • Reply Don Johnson

      Buy brand name products Badger, Richpen, Paasche, etc. Buy a compressor that is bigger than you might think you need now so you’ll have room to grow as your skills progress. Most importsantl;y have fun, it’s just paint, relax and have fun with it.

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