Straining Airbrush Paint

Straining airbrush paint tutorial covers straining your paint to reduce the possibility of the paint causing trouble with your airbrush. If you have airbrush paint that has been sitting on the shelf for a while you should find this article very helpful. Written by Don Johnson brought to you by Airbrush Technique Magazine

Here’s an easy way to strain your paint before you use it. I can not take credit for this it’s an old painters trick that has been around for years. Hopefully you will find it handy. For water based paints you can use a section of ladies stockings, nylons in place of the paper paint strainer material. Using this technique will save you a lot of frustration from paint clogging your airbrush.

paper paint strainer

Picture above is a paper paint strainer most paint store’s provide to their customers free of charge.


cutter paper strainer

Simply cut one half of the strainer out as pictured above.


remove the paper

Next cut the material out that does the actual straining of the paint as pictured above.


place strainer on top

Now take your straining material and lay it on top of your bottle of paint as pictured above.


screw the top on

Screw your bottle cap lid on right over the straining material you just placed on top of the bottle and screw it down tightly. Now ever time you go to pour paint out of this bottle the paint will get strained. It’s that easy and can be done for water based paints as well as solvent based paints as pictured below.


solvent based paint
solvent based paint bottle

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