T Shirt Airbrushing

Heat Setting Airbrush T Shirts

Heat Setting Airbrush T Shirts Heat setting airbrush T Shirts tutorial covers techniques used to hopefully keep your artwork from fading when the t shirt is washed. If you use Createx Wicked Colors, Aqua Flow, ETAC or Medea Textile paint you should find this helpful. The most commonly used airbrush paint for airbrushing T Shirts all need to be heat to make the color fast so it will not wash out or fade. Heat set fabric for permanence by one of the following methods with a house hold iron or heat press for best results. Written by Don Johnson Airbrush Artist Read more

Airbrushing T Shirts

Airbrushing T Shirts Airbrush T Shirts will cover the basic’s of airbrushing T Shirts and which supplies and equipement you will be needing. by Don Johnson, airbrushgallery.com Personalizing T Shirts, jackets and hats using an airbrush has been around for years hitting it’s height in popularity in the 1960’s and 70’s for the most part. Today airbrush t shirt shops can still be found in some retail malls, flea markets and a few Walmart stores a crossed the US but the numbers have dwelled. I have a friend who has been running a successful airbrush T Shirt shop on the board Read more

Making T Shirt Boards

Making T Shirt Boards There are many ways of making T Shirt boards in this tutorial I’ll show the way I’ve found worked best for me when I owned a T Shirt shop. Don Johnson..airbrushgallery.com What is a T Shirt board? For those of you who don’t know a T Shirt board is inserted into the garment you intent to airbrush to separate the front from the back of the garment. It wouldn’t do to have the paint you apply to the front of a shirt bleed thru to the back with the board in between the front and back Read more

Airbrush T Shirt Boards

Airbrush T Shirt Boards Airbrush T shirt boards tutorial covers materials used for making t shirt boards used while airbrushing t shirts. For those new to the world of airbrushing T Shirts a T Shirt board is what you insert into a T Shirt to separate the back from the front of the shirt, it also provides rigidity so that shirt can be place on an easel for painting. By Don Johnson, airbrushgallery.com First you must separate the back and the front of the shirt, to accomplish these what is called a T Shirt board is used. Common sense tells you Read more

Making Airbrush T Shirt Stencils

Making Airbrush T Shirt Stencils Making airbrush t shirt stencil tutorial covers materials used to make your own airbrush t shirt stencils and the techniques to go about making them. Airbrushing T Shirts is fun and can be very profitable as a hobby or a full time job. To make stencils for airbrush t shirts where you will be using the stencil repeatedly the best material to use is pennant felt stenciling material. Written by Don Johnson brought to you by Airbrush Technique Magazine Where using card board, plastic, x-ray film as stencil material can get pretty messy as they will not Read more

Easy T Shirt Design Transfer

Easy T Shirt Design Transfer Easy t shirt design transfer tutorial covers another way to transfer your design onto a T Shirt for airbrushing. Written by Brad De La Torre sponsored by Airbrush Technique Magazine. Quick, simple way to transfer a design onto a t shirt for airbrushing is simply tracing the design. Here is a very easy way to transfer a T Shirt design onto your T Shirt for airbrushing. This of course is just one of many ways to accomplish transferring a design that I hope you find helpful.   1. Print out the image to the size you would Read more

Airbrush T Shirt Design Lesson

Airbrush T Shirt Design Lesson Airbrush t shirt design lesson is a quick city skyline t-shirt design using a template and a spray bottle cap. This design should take less than five minutes total start to finish. Brought to you by Airbrush Technique Masgazine   City Skyline T-shirt Design by Rene Romero Rene is one of the best T Shirt artist/guru’s there is and I thank him for helping out here on howtoairbrush.com First I search in the internet for images of i.e. ”San Antonio Skyline” and choose the one that will show the landmarks or buildings best, from there I draw Read more

Airbrush T Shirt Design One

Airbrush T Shirt Design One Airbrush t shirt design one tutorial I’ll show you just how easy it is to airbrush a simple T Shirt design making your own t shirt stencils. The stencil for this are at the bottom of this article if you’d like to use them. Written by Don Johnson, airbrushgallery.com Although I started out airbrushing T Shirts years ago it’s been at least five or six years sense I’ve airbrushed a T Shirt so I’m way out of practice but that’s ok. I took this challenge up as part of a design contest we where having Read more