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Airbrush Lesson Four

Airbrush Lesson Four Airbrush lesson four will be another practice painting where you’ll need to all airbrushing skills that we learned in the first three lessons, we’ll also make our own stencils. Written by Don Johnson, airbrush artist Here in airbrush lesson four I’m again going to keep it very simple and fully expect you to out shine me here with your finished painting. I will show you the very basic’s of this simple painting, it’s up to you to take it a step further by adding different colors etc. Airbrush Supplies Required: Once again we will be using news print Read more

Airbrush Lesson Two Part Two

Airbrush Lesson Two Part Two   Airbrush lesson two part two we’ll continue on with airbrushing a sphere practicing our airbrush control and shading skills. Written by Don Johnson, airbrush artist by Don Johnson, Step #1) As we did on airbrush lesson #2 part one airbrush a nice round sphere to start out this part of the lesson.   Step #2) This time when we add color into the sphere we’ll use a different color. In my case I’ve chosen to use yellow feel free to use whatever color strikes your fancy. Once again build your color up slowly, follow the contour Read more

Airbrush Lesson One Part Three

 Airbrush Lesson One Part Three Airbrush lesson one part three tutorial continues with basic airbrush lessons covering shadowing another essential airbrushing skill needed to become proficient with an airbrush. Written by Don Johnson, airbrush artist In airbrush lesson #1 part two we went over airbrushing lines and dots here in part three we’ll cover shading. I realize these basic lessons are not the most fun but hang in there once these techniques become second nature you’ll be able to painting pretty much anything you want. By Don Johnson     5: SHADING: Next we will work on shading techniques with the airbrush. We will Read more

Airbrush Lesson One

AIRBRUSH LESSON ONE Airbrush lesson one tutorial is the first in airbrush basic lessons you’ll need to learn to become proficient when using an airbrush no matter what it is you want to paint. Written by Don Johnson, airbrush artist Welcome to basic airbrush lesson’s here at How To Airbrush. Com. No matter what you want to airbrush be it finger nails, Harley’s, illustrations, helmet’s any type of surface the basic airbrush skills needed to achieve good results are the same. The following exercises will help you achieve good results by teaching you how to apply color where you want, when Read more