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Airbrush Paint Video

Airbrush Paint Video Airbrush Paint video is a quick over view of the most common paints used for airbrushing, types of surfaces they are best used on, reduction and clean up. This by no means shows every paint available for use in an airbrush but does include some of the most popular at the time I made this video.   If you are new to airbrushing and just getting started be sure to follow along with my basic airbrush lessons and use the suggested paint. You will have enough to deal with getting comfortable with using an airbrush you don’t need the hassle Read more

Airbrush Won’t Spray Paint

Airbrush Won’t Spray Paint Airbrush won’t spray paint tutorial covers the most common problem using water based paint and an easy solution to keep if from happening. I’m at least twelve years removed from doing T Shirts full time, using water based textile colors a lot. While preparing to shoot a video on airbrushing bubble letters to include in our airbrush magazine I soon remembered what a pain using water based textile colors can be sometimes. Below is how I went about making using water based textile colors a lot more enjoyable. If you are using water based textile paint Read more

Airbrush Equipement and Supplies

Airbrush Equipement And Supplies Airbrush equipement and supplies covers airbrush equipment and supplies for those new to airbrushing; an over view of airbrushes and compressors. My whole goal with this web site is to help you step in to the world of airbrushing and have a positive and fun experience. Please at least give airbrushing a fair chance by buying the best equipment you can afford. Check out my new Airbrush Magazine it’s packed full of useful airbrushing tips , tricks and technique How To Articles.   Airbrush Compressor’s / Air Sources My personal feelings on this is to purchase Read more