clear coat

Fixing Run In Clear Coat

Fixing A Run In Clear Coat Fixing a run in clear coat tutorial provides an easy solution to a problem anyone who spray’s clear coat will face more than once, a run or sage in clear coat. Yes it happens to everyone from time to time a sag or run when applying clear coat. Even the best of the best have an off day once in a while, after all what is custom painting if not an exercise in solving problems. And a sag or a run is nothing more than that another little problem to be solved along the way. Read more

Buffing Small Objects

Buffing Small Objects Buffing small objects tutorial covers one way I’ve found very effective to buff and polish small objects. It goes without saying you should always turn out nicely buffed and polished commissioned work be it a panel, helmet, bike, car or truck. So with this article I’ll show you one solution I’ve found for buffing small objects., Don Johnson, airbrush artist With the economy being what it is and work even harder to come by it’s even more important you turn out work with a shine that impress’s everyone who views it. When it comes to smaller objects Read more