Airbrushing T Shirts

Airbrushing T Shirts Airbrush T Shirts will cover the basic’s of airbrushing T Shirts and which supplies and equipement you will be needing. by Don Johnson, Personalizing T Shirts, jackets and hats using an airbrush has been around for years hitting it’s height in popularity in the 1960’s and 70’s for the most part. Today airbrush t shirt shops can still be found in some retail malls, flea markets and a few Walmart stores a crossed the US but the numbers have dwelled. I have a friend who has been running a successful airbrush T Shirt shop on the board Read more

Airbrush Paint For Models

Airbrush Paint For Models Airbrush paint for models tutorial covers information on the many different types of paints used to airbrush models, advantages and disadvantages of using each.. Written by Ken Synder brought to you by Airbrush Technique Magazine Greetings fellow Airheads! I am going to be going over model paints as a foundation and build on it a bit. Model builders tend to be an odd lot, we will experiment like crazy, trying to figure out other ways of doing things, and we will search for cheaper things, neat tools, and bits of whatever to spruce up a model. Yet, oddly enough, we tend Read more

Reducing Airbrush Paint

Reducing Airbrush Paint Reducing airbrush paint in many case’s takes a bit of experimenting to find exactly at what consistency the paint atomized best in the airbrush you are using. Reducing or thinning paint for use in your airbrush The general rule of thumb with most Acrylic Colors is reducing it with distilled water until it flows like milk. Please understand here that it depends on how much air pressure you are running and the type of airbrush you are using. A lot of things come into play when finding just the right consistency  of the airbrush paint you are using to Read more