fine line tape

The Elusive Ghost Flames

The Elusive Ghost Flames The elusive ghost flames tutorial will show you how to paint old school ghost flames from flame lay out with fine line tape to painting the ghost flames. I today’s fast and the furious world of custom painting much of the what was hip in the 50’s 60’s and 70’s has been lost or is a dying art form. With many of the new custom painters today, most of them focus on the new types of designs and bright colors. This is great for the younger generation, but many people still desire the old school look Read more

Airbrush Maltese Cross

Airbrush Maltese Cross Welcome to and airbrush maltese cross tutorial, if this is your first visit we hope you come back often as we will add new how to airbrush, kustom painting articles as often as possible. Airbrush Maltese Cross tutorial I’ll be adding a Maltese Cross to a Harley tank which has already been based coated and cleared. Written by Don Johnson, What I used in this project: Double action airbrushes, House of Kolor paint, transfer paper, fine line tape, masking tape, hobby knife. I’m sure there is more ways of kustom painting a Maltese Cross than the way I Read more