frisket film

Airbrush Video-Frisket Film

This airbrush video for airbrush beginners covers Frisket Film Masking material. In this short airbrush beginners tip for today this video covers Frisket Film masking material. Frisket Film is all made by one company and marketed by a lot of different company’s. Make sure you get matt fish, low tach frisket film for airbrushing. FRisket film can be purchase at any art store or On-Line Airbrush retailer. Frisket film works best on flat surfaces and does not conform well to surfaces that are not flat. Use number 11 Xacto blades to cut the Fisket film, let the blade do the Read more

Airbrushing On Black Surfaces

Airbrushing On Black Surfaces Airbrushing on black surfaces tutorial will introduce you to one of the most fun and challenging surface colors to airbrush on, black. Written by Don Johnson, airbrush artist to see more of my work. Sponsored by Airbrush Technique Magazine the best airbrush publication on the planet. In the Transparent, Opaque Colors Practice Painting article we covered airbrushing on a light colored surface and adding a under painting by adding violet to create a shadow, using the painting surface color (white in this case) to act as our highlighted areas and spraying yellow over it all. Here we will be having some fun Read more

Transparent, Opaque Airbrush Colors Practice Painting

Transparent, Opaque Airbrush Colors Practice Painting Transparent, opaque airbrush colors practice painting covers blending colors, colors to use for shadowing, working on a complex airbrush project progression and shaping the skills we learn in our basic airbrush lessons. Written by Don Johnson, I’m not real big on painting flowers but this is a great way to get you started understanding how powerful using an airbrush can be in painting your artwork. No other artist tool even comes close to producing the results you can get using an airbrush. The fades, transitions, blending, mixing colors as you will see is Read more

Frisket Film Airbrush Masking Material

Frisket Film Airbrush Masking Material Frisket film airbrushing masking material tutorial will introduce you to the use of most commonly used masking materials used in airbrushing, Frisket Film. In this airbrush how to article I’ll go over the use of Frisket film in your airbrush projects, painting. We’ll be doing a very simple flame design to practice the masking technique used with Frisket Film. If you are not sure what Frisket Film is it’s a clear plastic like material about 002.” thickness with a self-adhering film on the back. Frisket Film comes in rolls and sheets of various sizes with a matt or Read more

Airbrushing Tonal Value

Airbrushing Tonal Value   Airbrushing tonal value tutorial we’ll touch on and practice airbrushing tonal value which is so important to creating the illusions that make a your painting surface come to life. By Don Johnson “As a density value, tone is the same as an area with a uniform density. Tones in an image reflect the variation of light and shade in the subject.” Wow that’s a mouthful for sure; tonal value could be studied for weeks on end; here in this short how to article we will touch on the very basic’s of tonal value. In the simplest Read more

Airbrush Shading Techniques Lesson

Airbrush Shading Techniques Lesson Airbrush shading techniques lesson covers airbrushing a sphere practicing our airbrush shading techniques and skill. This is a very important airbrush technique to get down so it’s 2nd nature as this will come into play no matter what you are airbrushing. Written by Don Johnson, airbrush artist Airbrush Supplies Required: Double action airbrush, one sheet of Frisk Film masking material 8 inch by 11 inch, Com-Art or Golden Airbrush paint any color, one sheet of Bristol Board or Water Color paper, of course your air source, compressor running at about 15 to 20 psi with a Read more