Airbrushing T Shirts

Airbrushing T Shirts Airbrush T Shirts will cover the basic’s of airbrushing T Shirts and which supplies and equipement you will be needing. by Don Johnson, airbrushgallery.com Personalizing T Shirts, jackets and hats using an airbrush has been around for years hitting it’s height in popularity in the 1960’s and 70’s for the most part. Today airbrush t shirt shops can still be found in some retail malls, flea markets and a few Walmart stores a crossed the US but the numbers have dwelled. I have a friend who has been running a successful airbrush T Shirt shop on the board Read more

Fixing a Airbrush Broken Fluid Nozzle

Fixing a Airbrush Broken Fluid Nozzle Fixing a airbrush broken fluid nozzle tutorial covers fixing a screw in type airbrush fluid nozzle that was broken due to over tightening. It doesn’t take much to snap a fluid nozzle off during nozzle replacement and this how to article covers how you go about fixing that. Written by Don Johnson, airbrushgallery.com brought to you by Airbrush Technique Magazine.  “Break that airbrush tip or nozzle off did you?” Well don’t feel alone anyone who has used an airbrush with a screw in tip (picture #1) for any length of time has most likely done Read more

Airbrush Changing Colors

Airbrush Changing Colors Airbrush changing colors will cover changing colors in your gravity feed or bottom feed airbrush covering both water based paint and solvent based paint. To those experienced with airbrushing technique this might be old hat but for those new it can be a perplexing situation when it comes to changing colors in your airbrush. This just becomes second nature after you have been airbrushing for awhile, no airbrushing tricks here just solid info for those new to airbrushing.     First we’ll start off with where do you spray the color you are not going to use Read more