skull stencil

Airbrush Two Part Skull Stencil

Airbrush Two Part Skull Stencil Airbrush two part skull stencil video covers using a two part skull template to airbrush a simple skull design. Using these two part templates just about anyone can airbrush a skull on just about any surface. This is a quick, simple two color skull design airbrushed with one of Kustom Shops two part templates. The idea is to have your skull end up looking as though it was not done using a stencil so don’t set to many hard lines, build your color and shape up slowly. What I used: Iwata HP-CS airbrush, sign blank,House of Read more

Airbrush Using Stencils -Skull Stencil

Airbrush Using Stencils-Skull Stencil Airbrush using stencils – skull stencil tutorial will show you just how easy it is the airbrush even if you have little or no drawing skills with the use of airbrush stencils. Using stencils like this one made by Beyond6 and sold by Sata USA makes getting into the world of airbrushing, custom painting very easy for just about anyone; no drawing skills required.Written by Don Johnson, airbrush artist This flaming skull stencil measures 5 ¾ by 3 ¾ inches and is actually marketed for body art use but can be used on any number of Read more