Skull And Barb Wire Helmet Design

Skull And Barb Wire Helmet Design Here’s a quick and easy shorty helmet design for you using one of Artools skull templates, House of Kolor base white and black, Ghost Chrome for the barb wire, Iwata HP-CS airbrush used with a Terry Hill compressor pumping the air. To complete the design House of Kolor KK Kandy Apple red was applied to the entire helmet over the design using just enough so the skulls and barb wire could easily be seen thru the kandy apple red. Keep in mind the video reflects the images darker than they actually are so if Read more

Skull And Cross-Bone T Shirt Design

Skull And Cross Bones T Shirt Design This airbrush video is geared toward those new to airbrushing T Shirts. Simple skull and croosbones T Shirt design just about anyone should be able to do. If you have gone thru the basic lesson here on and mastered them you should have no problem doing this simple design. What I used: MIPA water based paint, shirt board, Iwata Eclipse airbrush, copier paper,one plastic skull template. I fully expect you to do a better job than I did with this design so have fun, it’s just paint.

Helmet Step by Step-Half Man

Helmet Step by Step-Half Man Helmet Step by Step-Half Man¬†tutorial walks readers thru painting a Cyborg helmet design with easy to follow directions. I’ve found this design sells like crazy; so much I get tired of doing it. Got to pay the bills though so when asked to do this design for a customer I try and change something in the design every time just to keep it interesting. Although this article covers airbrushing a motorcycle helmet many of the techniques (masking techniques) can be applied to other surfaces. I was asked on the forum how I did the wires Read more

Airbrush Freehand Shields

Airbrush Freehand Shields Airbrush freehand shields tutorial is an introduction to airbrush freehand shields and how to use them in your airbrush projects. Airbrush free hand shields, templates are shapes laser cut into a plastic like material and come in hundreds of shapes and sizes. Becoming proficient in the use of airbrush free hand shields or templates can release you from the drudgery of having to use hard masking materials like transfer tape, masking tape and Frisket film. Combining airbrush free hand templates with hard masking materials like the three mentioned can and does provide for endless possibilities in creating your Read more