t shirt boards

Making T Shirt Boards

Making T Shirt Boards There are many ways of making T Shirt boards in this tutorial I’ll show the way I’ve found worked best for me when I owned a T Shirt shop. Don Johnson..airbrushgallery.com What is a T Shirt board? For those of you who don’t know a T Shirt board is inserted into the garment you intent to airbrush to separate the front from the back of the garment. It wouldn’t do to have the paint you apply to the front of a shirt bleed thru to the back with the board in between the front and back Read more

Airbrush T Shirt Boards

Airbrush T Shirt Boards Airbrush T shirt boards tutorial covers materials used for making t shirt boards used while airbrushing t shirts. For those new to the world of airbrushing T Shirts a T Shirt board is what you insert into a T Shirt to separate the back from the front of the shirt, it also provides rigidity so that shirt can be place on an easel for painting. By Don Johnson, airbrushgallery.com First you must separate the back and the front of the shirt, to accomplish these what is called a T Shirt board is used. Common sense tells you Read more