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Straining Airbrush Paint

Straining Airbrush Paint Straining airbrush paint tutorial covers straining your paint to reduce the possibility of the paint causing trouble with your airbrush. If you have airbrush paint that has been sitting on the shelf for a while you should find this article very helpful. Written by Don Johnson brought to you by Airbrush Technique Magazine.  Here’s an easy way to strain your paint before you use it. I can not take credit for this it’s an old painters trick that has been around for years. Hopefully you will find it handy. For water based paints you can use a section Read more

Airbrush Paint

Airbrush Paint Airbrush paint is a brief run down on the different types of paints most commonly used in an airbrush most  can be purchased in most art stores, craft shops. A few of the paints listed must be purchase at specialty shops like automotive paint suppliers. As you begin to learn “How To” airbrush its best to use a paint made specifically for airbrushing. A few good ones are DR PH Martins, Golden Airbrush Colors, ETAC Private Stock, Createx Illustration Colors. The pigments in these colors are ground finer than those in craft paints allowing for easy use in Read more

Airbrush Changing Colors

Airbrush Changing Colors Airbrush changing colors will cover changing colors in your gravity feed or bottom feed airbrush covering both water based paint and solvent based paint. To those experienced with airbrushing technique this might be old hat but for those new it can be a perplexing situation when it comes to changing colors in your airbrush. This just becomes second nature after you have been airbrushing for awhile, no airbrushing tricks here just solid info for those new to airbrushing.     First we’ll start off with where do you spray the color you are not going to use Read more