Wolf T Shirt Design

Wolf T Shirt Design

Wolf T Shirt design tutorial covers airbrushing a wolf howling at the moon the colors you’ll need for this design are: Black, white, gray, violet, dark blue, light blue. There are 2 pictures of the stencils to use at the bottom of this article. You can draw them yourself or make enlarged copies to cut out. The circle is 10in. and the wolf is 7 in. Some things you can use for stencils are poster board, pennant felt, pellon, and mylar, these are just a few examples. Written by Jammer, Jammers web site


 Wolf T Shirt Design
wolf stencil 1

step 1

I cut my circle stencil out of pennant felt and sprayed the back with spray adhesive. I placed the stencil a little off center to the right. This gives you room for the wolf and name on the left side and balances out the design.


 Wolf T Shirt Design
airbrushing moon

step 2

Here I use my can of spray adhesive for the stencil of the moon, any round object will work. I just hold it in place and spray my dark blue around it.


 Wolf T Shirt Design
add blue to sky

step 3

Continuing with my dark blue, I fill in the rest of the open areas. I also add a few random dots in the moon to replicate the moons craters.


 Wolf T Shirt Design
use violet to darken sky

Step 4 
Now I use my violet to darken the very top of the sky. You also want to add a little black to the lower right. You’ll see why a little later.


 Wolf T Shirt Design
what design should look like at this point

step 5 
This is what you should have so far after you remove the stencil.


 Wolf T Shirt Design
airbrushing clouds

Step 6

Take your gray and add random, light shadows to your clouds. Don’t over due this step or it will make the clouds to dark and muddy. Now take your light blue and add a light mist over the gray and a little into the white of the clouds.


 Wolf T Shirt Design
airbrushing wolf

Step 7 
Take your wolf stencil and put some spray adhesive on the back and place the stencil on the lower left of the circle. Try and place the front paws on the edge of the circle. Now take your black and fill in the wolf.


 Wolf T Shirt Design
airbrush tree

step 8 
Now we want to add the pine trees. The top is a downward dagger stroke and the branches are back and forth dagger strokes. The reason we added the black at the bottom, while the stencil was still on, was so we don’t have to take the trees all the way to the bottom and get a lot of overspray outside of the circle.
Now add some soft dagger strokes to the bottom of the wolf’s paws. Make them go down and to the left. This makes it looks like shadows from the moon and hides the sharp edge from the stencil.


 Wolf T Shirt Design
airbrushing lettering

step 9
Here I added 2 more trees and add the name to the top left. This can be one name or can be converted to a couples design by adding the two names. It’s up to the customer.



 Wolf T Shirt Design
wolf design completed

step 10 

Now you want to take your dark blue and add a drop shadow to the name. After that take your white and add highlights to the name and some stars and maybe even a comet in the sky. Your design is finished! This design should take from 5 to 10 min. to complete. If your new don’t worry about getting it done this fast, just worry about the quality. In time your speed will progress and you’ll be able to do it faster.


 Wolf T Shirt Design
hw stencil 1
 Wolf T Shirt Design
hw stencil 2


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