Airbrush Basic Lesson #1

This airbrush video covers Airbrush Basic Lesson #1 which includes reviewing types of paint you should use to learn. Using the correct paint during the learning to airbrush process will make your experiance a lot less frustrating and allow you to progress thru the lessons faster.

We’ll also cover how a double action airbrush works in easy to understand terms.

It’s important you get the basic techniques down so they become second nature after which you should be able to airbrush just about anything.

A written version of Airbrush Basic Lesson #1 can be found HERE

airbrush practice paper for airbrush basic lesson #1
airbrush practice paper for airbrush basic lesson #1

Airbrush Supplies Required:

Double action airbrush, news print, one color airbrush ready paint such as Golden airbrush colors, Createx Illustration paint, Comart

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