Airbrush Detail Trick

Airbrush Detail Trick

Airbrush detail trick tutorial covers an old trick making it easier to airbrush fine detail, there are no short cuts the basics of airbrushing are still required to airbrush fine detail.

There is no short cut your ability to airbrush fine lines; detail will come only thru PRACTICE, PRACTICE the basics of airbrushing. The ability to airbrush fine detail calls for working very close to your painting surface at the correct PSI for your situation.

Below is not for the faith of heart, mess up and you could bend the tip of your needle or worse. Below is nothing someone new to airbrushing should try until they are very comfortable using their airbrush. Should you bend the tip of the needle getting the needle out with damaging the inter seals of the airbrush will be hard so only use this technique if you are very familiar and comfortable using your airbrush.

There are many airbrush artist who can render fine lines, great detail work with the needle cap on please take this into consideration when thinking about using this technique.

When all is said and done it’s not the airbrush that creates the fine lines, detail work it’s the artist operating the airbrush. The airbrush is just a tool learn to operate it with a great deal of proficiency and airbrushing fine lines, detail work will not be a problem.

This is an old airbrush trick that I’m not sure anyone can take credit for its been around forever. For those of you new to airbrushing and for those with experiance who haven’t tried it I thought it would be worth posting again. It’s a very simple little trick as you can see below.



airbrush needle cap

In most case’s by simple removing the needle cap from your airbrush while tring to render nice clean detail you’ll find it alot easier to accomplish. Just remember to put it back on after you use it.

airbrush needle tip

Pictured above my airbrush with the needle cap removed. Give it a try I’m sure you will find it works just as well for you as it has for me over the years.I will add more to How To Airbrush.Com as often as I can so please book mark this web site and stop back often.

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