Airbrush Lesson Four The Video

This is the video to go along with the written airbrush lesson 4 here on HowToAirbrush.Com.
This video is intended for those new to airbrushing, if you are proficient using a airbrush you’ll find this pretty boring. What you will need: double action airbrush, card board, easel, black airbrush paint – Trident, ETAC, Badger Ready Tex will work. PSI I used in this video was about 30.

Please keep in mind the black in this video appears darker than it really was, that is just the nature of video.

In this lesson we are going to practice the skills we’ve learned in lessons one thru three as posted on the web site. It’s intended to provide you with a fun way of breaking up practicing dots, lines, shading techniques. I fully expect you will do a better job with your mountains, hills and tree’s than I did. I’m more concerned with the content than creating a great work of art in this video. So have fun, it’s just paint, relax and have fun with it. Don

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