Airbrush Lesson Two Part Two

Airbrush lesson two part two we’ll continue on with airbrushing a sphere practicing our airbrush control and shading skills. Written by Don Johnson, airbrush artist

airbrushing sphere one

by Don Johnson,

Step #1) As we did on airbrush lesson #2 part one airbrush a nice round sphere to start out this part of the lesson.


airbrushing sphere 2

Step #2) This time when we add color into the sphere we’ll use a different color. In my case I’ve chosen to use yellow feel free to use whatever color strikes your fancy. Once again build your color up slowly, follow the contour of the sphere and try and keep all the yellow inside the sphere as you go. Keep in mind from which direction your light source will be coming from as you airbrush the color into your sphere.


airbrushing a sphere three

Step #3) Above is my complete sphere complete with darker areas where the light source does not reach and light areas where the light source shines directly onto. Notice there is no over spray on the blue this was accomplished by keeping my airbrush directed into the sphere.


airbrushing a sphere


Summary: Here I have intentionally allowed over spray onto the blue surrounding my sphere and as you can see we now have a green color surrounding the sphere. This is food for thought as you progress in your airbrushing skills mixing colors on your painting surface to come up with a totally different color as you can see above. I hope you found this helpful.

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