Airbrush Maltese Cross

Welcome to and airbrush maltese cross tutorial, if this is your first visit we hope you come back often as we will add new how to airbrush, kustom painting articles as often as possible. Airbrush Maltese Cross tutorial I’ll be adding a Maltese Cross to a Harley tank which has already been based coated and cleared. Written by Don Johnson,

What I used in this project:
 Double action airbrushes, House of Kolor paint, transfer paper, fine line tape, masking tape, hobby knife.

I’m sure there is more ways of kustom painting a Maltese Cross than the way I will be showing you but hopefully you’ll read some techniques you can use in your own airbrush projects.


Harley Tank

I start out with a Harley Sporster tank that is ready to have the artwork added to it. Notice the gas filler hole is masked, won’t do to get any paint down inside the tank.


masking the tank

Apply your transfer tape so you end up with as few wrinkles as possible; no need to cover the entire tank just the area where the Maltese Cross will be.


cross drawing

I’ve drawn a Maltese Cross in Abobe Illustrator and printed it off the correct size to fit our project tank.


finding the center

Now we’ll find the center of the tank and draw a reference line on the transfer tape so the design can be centered.


transferring design

On our design I’ve traced the design on the back side with a number two pencil. On the original side I find the center of the design and match the two center lines and use tape to hold the design in place. Our design is now centered on the tank. Now go back over the design on the original design with a pen tracing the design again.


design on masking

With the design orginal removed you can see our Maltese Cross has been transferred onto the transfer paper. Now carefully cut the design out of the transfer paper with a hobby knife.


spray orion silver

With the Maltese Cross now exposed I airbrush Orion silver over the entire design and let it flash or dry for about an hour before moving onto the next step.


add logo stencil

At this point if there is a logo incorporated in the design add it to the design as I’ve done in the picture above.


tape edge

I want a silver pin stripe around the outside edge of the Maltese Cross and add 1/8 inch fine line tape around the outside edge.




add marble effect

To add some interesting texture within the Maltese Cross I use a modified marbleizing technique with plastic wrap and base black.If you’ve added a logo go right over the logo with your texture.


spray candy blue

With our texture added I airbrush a bit of House of Kolor KK Cobalt Blue over the design. Almost done soon as the Cobalt Blue is given time to dry it’s time to pull all the masking.


completed design

With the masking remove there’s our completed Maltese Cross complete with silver pin stripe around the out sides edge.

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