Airbrush Video – Fixing A Bent Airbrush Needle

Quick Fix For A Bent Airbrush Needle

In this airbrush video I’ll show you a quick fix for a bent airbrush needle. This should at least allow you to finish the airbrush project you are working on while waiting for a new needle to arrive. It happens to everyone who airbrushes, you drop your airbrush and bend the tip of the needle. Or bend it in some other type accident. It happens to us all sooner or later so don’t feel alone when it happens to you. It’s always good to have spare parts for your airbrush but budgets being what they are these days that’s not always possible. Bend the needle and you should get a new one ASP but hopefully this will keep you airbrushing for awhile.  Hope you find this helpful and hope you don’t need to use this quick fix any time soon, Don Johnson airbrush artist




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