Airbrush Video-Frisket Film

This airbrush video for airbrush beginners covers Frisket Film Masking material.

In this short airbrush beginners tip for today this video covers Frisket Film masking material. Frisket Film is all made by one company and marketed by a lot of different company’s. Make sure you get matt fish, low tach frisket film for airbrushing. FRisket film can be purchase at any art store or On-Line Airbrush retailer. Frisket film works best on flat surfaces and does not conform well to surfaces that are not flat. Use number 11 Xacto blades to cut the Fisket film, let the blade do the work do not apply a lot of pressure or you will cut your painting surface. Hope you found this little video helpful. It’s just paint, relax and have fun. Don

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