Airbrush Won’t Spray Paint

Airbrush won’t spray paint tutorial covers the most common problem using water based paint and an easy solution to keep if from happening.

I’m at least twelve years removed from doing T Shirts full time, using water based textile colors a lot. While preparing to shoot a video on airbrushing bubble letters to include in our airbrush magazine I soon remembered what a pain using water based textile colors can be sometimes. Below is how I went about making using water based textile colors a lot more enjoyable.

If you are using water based textile paint and are having trouble with your airbrush either not spraying paint or paint skipping this is a leading cause of both. After you open a new jar of textile colors it allows air inside the container which after it sits for a while will dry paint on the inside walls of the container. This dried paint will end up in the paint you are spraying as soon as you go to use it causing you all sorts of frustration.

Why bring this up? I airbrushed T Shirts for years full time as I said but had forgotten all about this situation that can be very frustrating if you are unaware of what’s happening.

The solution is really very simple although many think it to time consuming to bother with, strain your paint. Very simple easy way to help ensure that paint you’ve had sitting around is not the cause of a very frustrating session with your airbrush.

Below are pictures of the different colors of airbrush textile paint I strained while shooting the bubble letter video which clearly shows had I not strained the paint I would have had a very hard time using my airbrush with that paint. All that dried paint I strained out would have gone into my airbrush and created a condition where the airbrush won’t spray paint or would skip.


dried airbrush paint


airbrush paint strainer


airbrush paint 3


airbrush paint 4

Pictured above is the type of paper paint filter I used. These can be purchased fairly inexpensively at just about any retail out let that sells paint. If you can not secure this type of filter a small section of woman’s stocking will also work.

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