Aztec Airbrush Nozzle Cleaning

Aztec airbrush nozzle cleaning tutorial covers cleaning the nozzle on a Aztek airbrush including taking it apart and putting it back together again. Written by by Allan Hull. If you own an Aztek airbrush you should find this article very help in keeping your airbrush working it perfect working order.

Airbrush Supplies Required:
toothbrush, dish soap, water, inkjet syringe, toothpicks, container, water.

  • Toothbrush dipped in soapy water works well to clean the outside of an Aztek tip.
  • A toothpick dipped in cleaning solution can get the area surrounding the needle.
  • Soaking the tip(s) in cleaning solution helps loosen crud.
  • Rinse the head of the brush body in running water.
  • Holding down the trigge run water through the nozzle opening.
  • Gently push in, then pull out the needle/nozzle assembly to separate it from the tip body.
  • The needle can be separated from the nozzle by gently pulling on the base of the needle.
  • Soak the tip body and nozzle in cleaner while working on the needle.
  • A toothbrush makes cleaning the needle much easier.
  • Stick a fingernail between the spring coils and “unscrew” the needle to free crud stuck between the needle and the spring.
  • An inkjet syringe simplifies flushing the nozzle with cleaner.
  • A toothpick can also help scrub a nozzle clean.
  • Scrub the tip body with a toothbrush and cleaner.
  • Put needle back inside the nozzle and nozzle inside tip body. Rotate nozzle until the flutes line up with groove inside the tip body.
  • After the flutes are lined up with the groove, the nozzle will drop down inside the tip body. Gently push the nozzle to seat it inside the tip body.
  • Put tip back on airbrush and flush with clean water.
  • Some tips have recessed needles, a toothbrush or toothpick dipped in cleaner can clean off minor tip dry during production.
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