But I can’t draw a lick can I still learn how to airbrush?

Using an art projector, stencils and or templates anyone can learn to airbrush. Don’t kid yourself some of the best airbrush artist, artist make use of these tools there’s no reason you shouldn’t. Start out using these tools and before you know it you will no longer need to use them.

Drawing is learning to look at an objects proportions and how its proportions relate to surrounding objects, perspective in other words. How large is an eye in relationship to the nose, where do these objects line up in relationship to each other. Using a projector will help you understand these relationship’s while you practice both airbrushing and drawing

It’s just a matter of learning, practicing the basic skills until you gain confidence in your airbrushing skills. The trick or magic after all is not in the ability to draw but in taking a simple line drawing and painting it so it seems to jump right off your painting surface, adding life to your drawing. Using airbrush stencils or is a great way to enter the world of airbrushing and custom painting that does not require much in the way of drawing skills, for more information on stencil use for airbrush applications click on :AIRBRUSH STENCIL BASIC’S

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