Helmet Step by Step-Half Man

Helmet Step by Step-Half Man tutorial walks readers thru painting a Cyborg helmet design with easy to follow directions. I’ve found this design sells like crazy; so much I get tired of doing it. Got to pay the bills though so when asked to do this design for a customer I … Continue reading

Grit Selection

Grit selection tutorial covers choosing the proper sand paper grit when sanding cars, trucks, boats, and many other metal or fiberglass items.   by Gary KinseyGary Kinsey has been a salesman for R&E Paint Supply for the last 12 years. He has a very proficient knowledge of the PBE industry and is … Continue reading

Harley Tank Mural Airbrush Tutorial

By Patrick Charuel http://p.charuel.free.fr Patrick runs a custom painting shop in France and I can’t thank him enough for all is help over the years. Here is a great tutorial “Harley Mural Painting” by Patrick on his technique for airbrush a mural onto a Harley tank.n Brought to you by … Continue reading

Fixing Run In Clear Coat

Fixing a run in clear coat tutorial provides an easy solution to a problem anyone who spray’s clear coat will face more than once, a run or sage in clear coat. Yes it happens to everyone from time to time a sag or run when applying clear coat. Even the best … Continue reading

Custom Painting Helmet

Custom painting helmet tutorial covers custom painting a race helmet using Vega 2000 and Iwata HP-C airbrushes, House of Kolor and Sikkens paints. LG takes you thru the steps of laying the graphics out and than airbrushing the colors.   helmet painting This how to article by L G Mehtola … Continue reading

Airbrushing Bullet Holes

Airbrushing bullet holes tutorial I’ll take you thru one way of airbrushing the ever popular bullet hole. If you have study and mastered the basic airbrush lessons here on How To Airbrush you find this very easy. Written by Don Johnson.  What I used in this tutorial: double action airbrush, … Continue reading

Airbrush Maltese Cross

Welcome to howtoairbrush.com and airbrush maltese cross tutorial, if this is your first visit we hope you come back often as we will add new how to airbrush, kustom painting articles as often as possible. Airbrush Maltese Cross tutorial I’ll be adding a Maltese Cross to a Harley tank which has already … Continue reading