Beginners Airbrush Basic Info

Beginners airbrush basic info answers some of the more basic questions that a newcomer to airbrushing may have. My name is JoAnne Kenne, also known as “heartless”. I live/work in Central Wisconsin, USA. I started my airbrush journey in 2005, but don’t get to play/spray as much as I would like … Continue reading

Airbrush Terms and Definitions

Airbrush terms and definitions covers commonly used words, terms relating to airbrushing and their definitions. I have been adding to this list from the day this web site went up; it’s an on going and continuing project that I add to as word comes to mind and as time allows. … Continue reading

Airbrush Tip Dry

Airbrush tip dry ok so you are airbrushing along and all of a sudden the paint flow stops, or less paint starts to flow now what? Don’t get excited, bent out of shape this is just one of those little things that occasionally happens while airbrushing. No matter what kind of paint … Continue reading

Airbrush Tech Tips

Airbrush Tech Tips From Members At Have your “Airbrush Tech Tip” or technique included on this page receive full credit with your name appearing with your tech tip . Just e-mail your tech tip to me to have it posted . Check back often as we will be adding … Continue reading

Airbrush Reference Library

Airbrush reference library tutorial covers one way to help you get organized in respect to your airbrushing, being well organized will help you enjoy your time airbrushing and will help ensure better results. No matter how long you’ve been airbrushing or custom painting it remains a learning process, experience; there’s always some new … Continue reading

Airbrush Paint Video

Airbrush Paint video is a quick over view of the most common paints used for airbrushing, types of surfaces they are best used on, reduction and clean up. This by no means shows every paint available for use in an airbrush but does include some of the most popular at … Continue reading

Airbrush Paint

Airbrush paint is a brief run down on the different types of paints most commonly used in an airbrush most  can be purchased in most art stores, craft shops. A few of the paints listed must be purchase at specialty shops like automotive paint suppliers. As you begin to learn … Continue reading

Airbrush Paint And Air Pressure

Airbrush paint and air pressure covers matching the consistency of your paint with the air pressure required to atomize the paint best varies with the type of airbrush you are using and type of paint you’re spraying. *Before airbrushing any type of paint please think safety and keep yourself healthy … Continue reading

Airbrush Paint For Models

Airbrush paint for models tutorial covers information on the many different types of paints used to airbrush models, advantages and disadvantages of using each.. Written by Ken Synder brought to you by Airbrush Technique Magazine Greetings fellow Airheads! I am going to be going over model paints as a foundation and build on it a … Continue reading

Airbrush Equipement and Supplies

Airbrush equipement and supplies covers airbrush equipment and supplies for those new to airbrushing; an over view of airbrushes and compressors. My whole goal with this web site is to help you step in to the world of airbrushing and have a positive and fun experience. Please at least give … Continue reading