Airbrushing Dagger Strokes

Airbrushing dagger stokes or rat tail strokes as some call it is one of the hardest basic airbrushing skills to master but in this tutorial we’ll show you just how easy you can master the dagger stroke. You have come this far mastering lesson one, two and three so relax … Continue reading

Frisket Film Airbrush Masking Material

Frisket film airbrushing masking material tutorial will introduce you to the use of most commonly used masking materials used in airbrushing, Frisket Film. In this airbrush how to article I’ll go over the use of Frisket film in your airbrush projects, painting. We’ll be doing a very simple flame design … Continue reading

Airbrushing Tonal Value

  Airbrushing tonal value tutorial we’ll touch on and practice airbrushing tonal value which is so important to creating the illusions that make a your painting surface come to life. By Don Johnson “As a density value, tone is the same as an area with a uniform density. Tones in … Continue reading

Airbrushing Neon Letters

Airbrushing Neon Letters by Don Johnson Airbrush Artist   Here we will create a Neon looking word or sign actually, this technique can be used on many different surfaces so don’t limit its use to just paper or illustration board. In this example we will be rendering our sign … Continue reading

Airbrushing Fine Lines, Detail

Airbrushing fine lines, detail tutorial we’ll go over airbrushing fine lines and detail using different airbrushes, needle, nozzle sizes.¬†One of the most common questions I have heard sense I stated helping people learn to use their airbrush is “which airbrush with what size nozzle, needle is best for rendering detail, … Continue reading

Airbrushing A Stipple Effect

  Airbrush a stipple effect tutorial will cover airbrush techniques you can use to create a stipple effect in your airbrush projects. This is a very old trick used to create a stipple effect which can be used on T-Shirts, license plates, sheet metal, illustrations, etc. Airbrush Supplies Required: double … Continue reading

Airbrush Using Stencils -Skull Stencil

Airbrush using stencils – skull stencil tutorial will show you just how easy it is the airbrush even if you have little or no drawing skills with the use of airbrush stencils. Using stencils like this one made by Beyond6 and sold by Sata USA makes getting into the world … Continue reading

Airbrush Stencil Basics

by Don Johnson   Stencils: Using stencils in your airbrush art work . The basics for using stencils on just about any surface.   Below: This example can be done on any surface paper, wood, textile. Mine was done on paper using a gravity feed double action airbrush but any … Continue reading

Airbrush Shading Techniques Lesson

Airbrush shading techniques lesson covers airbrushing a sphere practicing our airbrush shading techniques and skill. This is a very important airbrush technique to get down so it’s 2nd nature as this will come into play no matter what you are airbrushing. Written by Don Johnson, airbrush artist Airbrush Supplies Required: … Continue reading