Types Of Airbrushes

This airbrush video covers the different types of airbrushes and how they are most commonly used. As you look at all the different types of airbrushes available it becomes pretty confusing right from the start. First thing to take into consideration is what it is you want to airbrush, what type of … Continue reading

Skull And Barb Wire Helmet Design

Here’s a quick and easy shorty helmet design for you using one of Artools skull templates, House of Kolor base white and black, Ghost Chrome for the barb wire, Iwata HP-CS airbrush used with a Terry Hill compressor pumping the air. To complete the design House of Kolor KK Kandy … Continue reading

Simple Way To Strain Your Paint

You can reduce potential hassles while airbrushing by straining your paint before you put it in your airbrush. Here is a simply way to fix all your bottles of paint so it gets strained every time you use it. Hope you find this helpful.       Continue reading

Review Clear Masking Material

Review clear masking materials is a little over view, product review of RBL clearing masking film and Artools Ultra clear masking film. Both can be used with solvent or water born,water based paints, Both have their advantages and are good products.   RBL– Clear, transparent, self-adhering film – easy to … Continue reading

Pin Striping Continued

Well I’m still on track with the pinstriping I’ve been practicing at least a half hour everyday. I shot a liitle video to show you Kafka’s DVD and system which is how I’m teaching myself thru his knowledge. Pretty uneventful week couple helmets and working on issue 44 of ABT … Continue reading

Paint Bubbling In Airbrush Color Cup Video

  This is the first in howtoairbrush.com – Airbrush Beginner Tip Videos. This short video covers reasons why paint might bubble back into your color cup or fast blast bottle for that matter. I used a Badger 105 Patriot double action airbrush in this video as it’s what I had … Continue reading

Paasche VL Airbrush

In this video we’ll cover taking the Passche VL double action airbrush apart and putting it back together. The VL is a great airbrush for airbrushing T Shirts or covering large areas on small objects quickly.   Paasche VL airbrush     “A PTFE packing enables the VL to handle … Continue reading

Paasche Talon Airbrush

This airbrush video covers taking a Paasche Talon airbrush apart and putting it back together again correctly. “The newest addition to the Paasche Airbrush line is the gravity feed “Talon”. The Paasche Talon was designed to be our high end airbrush and will deliver the highest level of detail and … Continue reading