Easy Light Box

Easy light box tutorial will cover using the common house hold widow as a light box to help you draw your design. Light boxes are used to help you trace designs and are just one of the many artist tools available to those who are drawing challenged. Written by Don … Continue reading

Cleaning Your Airbrush

Cleaning your airbrush tutorial will cover cleaning your airbrush quickly and easily after every use. Having a fun, relaxing experience during your airbrush projects it’s essential you keep your airbrush clean so that it will function properly. Here in this how-to article I’ll show the technique’s I use to clean … Continue reading

Cleaning A Gravity Feed Airbrush

Cleaning a gravity feed airbrush tutorial walks you thru the best way to clean your airbrush after every use. Having an enjoyable airbrushing experience will greatly depend on how effectively you clean your airbrush. Now don’t get excited its very simple and easy and not very time consuming. This is … Continue reading

Buffing Small Objects

Buffing Small Objects Buffing small objects tutorial covers one way I’ve found very effective to buff and polish small objects. It goes without saying you should always turn out nicely buffed and polished commissioned work be it a panel, helmet, bike, car or truck. So with this article I’ll show … Continue reading


Airbrush tutorial covers basic airbrush information dealing with airbrushes made by the leading airbrush manufactures Badger, Paasche, Iwata, Grex, Harder Steenbeck and more. This is a very quick overview of the different types of airbrushes just to get you familiar with whats available, Don Johnson, airbrudshgallery.com. Airbrushes can be either internal or … Continue reading

Airbrush Won’t Spray Paint

Airbrush won’t spray paint tutorial covers the most common problem using water based paint and an easy solution to keep if from happening. I’m at least twelve years removed from doing T Shirts full time, using water based textile colors a lot. While preparing to shoot a video on airbrushing … Continue reading

Airbrush Trigger Installation

 Airbrush Tigger Installation Airbrush trigger installation tutorial covers installing the airbrush trigger on the most common type of airbrushes, double action. After taking your airbrush apart for cleaning getting this type of airbrush trigger can be a little tricky to get back in in this article we’ll show you how … Continue reading

Airbrush Problems And Solutions

Airbrush problems and solutions tutorial covers common airbrush problems and solutions and was written with the help of the members of the magazine support forum, airbrushtechnique.com. In this article we’ll cover some common problems you might experience while using your airbrush and solutions to those problems. Sponsored by Airbrush Technique Magazine. … Continue reading

Airbrush Paint For Models

Airbrush paint for models tutorial covers information on the many different types of paints used to airbrush models, advantages and disadvantages of using each.. Written by Ken Synder brought to you by Airbrush Technique Magazine Greetings fellow Airheads! I am going to be going over model paints as a foundation and build on it a … Continue reading