Airbrush T Shirt Boards

Airbrush T shirt boards tutorial covers materials used for making t shirt boards used while airbrushing t shirts. For those new to the world of airbrushing T Shirts a T Shirt board is what you insert into a T Shirt to separate the back from the front of the shirt, it also provides rigidity so that shirt can be place on an easel for painting. By Don Johnson,

First you must separate the back and the front of the shirt, to accomplish these what is called a T Shirt board is used. Common sense tells you if you didn’t separate the front and back you’d end up with paint on both sides. To separate the front and back side of a t shirt you’ll use what is referred to as a shirt board.


t shirt boards

T Shirt boards can be made from foam core board, card board, 1/8 th inch masonite or hard board. Cut your T Shirt board about one inch bigger than the width and height of the T Shirt you will be airbrushing. With the appropriate tool round the top corners of your T Shirt board off so as not to snag on the shelves.


t shirt with board inside

With your T Shirt board cut to the correct size and the top corners rounded off insert the shirt board into the T Shirt. This of course will separate the front and back of the t shirt so the paint will not bleed through to the side you are not airbrushing. Tape the shelves to the back of the t shirt to keep them out of the way, so over spray does not collect on them.

Airbrush T Shirt Design Lesson

Airbrush T Shirt Design Lesson

Airbrush t shirt design lesson is a quick city skyline t-shirt design using a template and a spray bottle cap. This design should take less than five minutes total start to finish. Brought to you by Airbrush Technique Masgazine


City Skyline T-shirt Design by Rene Romero

Rene is one of the best T Shirt artist/guru’s there is and I thank him for helping out here on

First I search in the internet for images of i.e. ”San Antonio Skyline” and choose the one that will show the landmarks or buildings best, from there I draw just the outline or ”shadow” of the city in a piece of pellon and cut it out with a A x-acto hobby knife very carefully.


design drawing
tracing the design

Then on the shirt I place the cap (it can be the bottom of the spray can also) and airbrush some yellow around the cap.


airbrushing the sun
sun in skyline

Next I use fluorescent raspberry and create the background sky.


airbrushing sky
airbrushing water line


background airbrushed

Now I will take the Violet color and finish the background.


airbrushing city

Now with the same violet I take the city skyline template and spray a steady coat of paint over the center.


airbrushing the lettering

Then add the name of the city………..



airbrushing white highlights

And highlights in buildings and clouds with opaque white to finish the design. The End.


completed t shirt design

Airbrush A Star


Airbrush a star tutorial we’ll be airbrushing a simple star and practicing airbrush dagger or rat tail strokes.These are the ame stars you see in a lot of airbrush t shirt designs. How simple can you get you ask? Well before you can create that great masterpiece, paint the hottest bike on the planet or the meanest low rider on earth you have to master these very basic airbrushing skills and the dagger stroke is one of the most important. I’ve had several requests for a airbrush how to article along these lines, airbrushing stars so here is a short version I hope you find helpful. This type of star you see on airbrush t-shirts all the time and is used just to add some bling to the t-shirt design.

Airbrush Supplies Required:

Double action airbrush, news print, Golden Airbrush Colors or Createx Illustration Paint black, easel.


We’ll start out with what we’ll call a t-shirt star, as this technique for creating stars is very popular for t-shirt designs but can be used in on verity of other surfaces also. This technique will test if you’ve been practicing the dagger strokes as outlined in Airbrush Lesson #1 on this site.




airbrush dagger stroke 1

Step #1) Make a dragger stoke up your painting surface, mine is about 4 inches long. Please keep in mind thru this entire article I’m using newsprint which is not a white surface so the colors will not be that bright.


airbrush dagger stroke 2

Step #2) Now airbrush dagger strokes going down and to the left and right as pictured above.


airbrushing a dagger stroke 3

Step #3) Airbrush four more dagger strokes, one between each of the dagger strokes you added in step 2.


airbrush a dagger stroke step 4

Step #4) Now backing your airbrush back away from your painting surface several inches airbrush a circle around the star as pictured above. Moving your airbrush back in closer to the painting surface airbrush dots as pictured above.



airbrush dagger stroke step 5

Step #5) Now airbrush some white highlights as pictured above and you have just created your first t-shirt design star. Change the colors, add more dagger strokes, vary the length of the dagger strokes the possibilities are endless with this so have some fun. Post your results on the airbrush forum here I’d love to check them out.

Below is my short video covering this airbrush lesson. I hope you find it helpful.