Making Airbrush T Shirt Stencils

Making airbrush t shirt stencil tutorial covers materials used to make your own airbrush t shirt stencils and the techniques to go about making them. Airbrushing T Shirts is fun and can be very profitable as a hobby or a full time job. To make stencils for airbrush t shirts … Continue reading

Making T Shirt Boards

Making T Shirt Boards There are many ways of making T Shirt boards in this tutorial I’ll show the way I’ve found worked best for me when I owned a T Shirt shop. Don What is a T Shirt board? For those of you who don’t know a T … Continue reading

Heat Setting Airbrush T Shirts

Heat Setting Airbrush T Shirts Heat setting airbrush T Shirts tutorial covers techniques used to hopefully keep your artwork from fading when the t shirt is washed. If you use Createx Wicked Colors, Aqua Flow, ETAC or Medea Textile paint you should find this helpful. The most commonly used airbrush paint … Continue reading

Easy T Shirt Design Transfer

Easy t shirt design transfer tutorial covers another way to transfer your design onto a T Shirt for airbrushing. Written by Brad De La Torre sponsored by Airbrush Technique Magazine. Quick, simple way to transfer a design onto a t shirt for airbrushing is simply tracing the design. Here is a very … Continue reading

Airbrushing T Shirts

Airbrush T Shirts will cover the basic’s of airbrushing T Shirts and which supplies and equipement you will be needing. by Don Johnson, Personalizing T Shirts, jackets and hats using an airbrush has been around for years hitting it’s height in popularity in the 1960’s and 70’s for the … Continue reading

Airbrush T Shirt Design One

Airbrush t shirt design one tutorial I’ll show you just how easy it is to airbrush a simple T Shirt design making your own t shirt stencils. The stencil for this are at the bottom of this article if you’d like to use them. Written by Don Johnson, Although … Continue reading

Airbrush T Shirt Boards

Airbrush T shirt boards tutorial covers materials used for making t shirt boards used while airbrushing t shirts. For those new to the world of airbrushing T Shirts a T Shirt board is what you insert into a T Shirt to separate the back from the front of the shirt, it … Continue reading

Airbrush T Shirt Design Lesson

Airbrush T Shirt Design Lesson Airbrush t shirt design lesson is a quick city skyline t-shirt design using a template and a spray bottle cap. This design should take less than five minutes total start to finish. Brought to you by Airbrush Technique Masgazine   City Skyline T-shirt Design by Rene Romero … Continue reading